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Cops looking for ‘knockout’ attackers in Brooklyn Heights

July 15, 2016 By Mary Frost Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Cops are looking for the perpetrators of an attack on a man in front of this building on Joralemon Street last week. Photo by Mary Frost
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Police from the 84th Precinct were canvassing south Brooklyn Heights last week following a report that a man was assaulted on Joralemon Street between Hicks and Henry streets during the week of July 3 to 10.

Cops on the street are asking local residents and workers to keep their eyes open.


UPDATE: See video of the attack here.


A source familiar with the attack, who did not want to be identified, said a group of three men and one woman walking east on Joralemon Street punched a man in his 60s in what the source assumed was the “knockout game.” The source said the man fell over a short iron gate in front of an apartment building, and the group moved on.

While crime remains lower than it was 10 years ago, residents say violence on Joralemon Street and nearby blocks has escalated since large numbers of park goers have begun using the street as a thoroughfare to Brooklyn Bridge Park (BPP).

BPP has contacted the 84th Precinct to work on the problem, and devotes time and effort to safety issues on a daily basis, a person familiar with the park’s workings told the Brooklyn Eagle.

On Jan. 31, a prominent Orthodox rabbi was punched in a similar incident on Joralemon near Hicks Street. Last August, a gang of roughly 20 young adults terrorized a popular local deli. The gang also snatched money from the Halal food stand at Joralemon and Court streets. In April 2015, cops from the 84th Precinct arrested two men following gunfire at the basketball courts.

“They are still doing it,” said Mohammed Pharook, owner of a nut vending cart at Joralemon and Court streets. Pharook told the Eagle on Thursday that the offending youths traveled together in groups of 15 or so.

 “I mean, the park is a good thing – people can barbeque, swim,” he said. “They just don’t know how to conduct themselves. Why do they have to steal and fight?”

Pharook and his friend Raymond, who works on Joralemon Street, said they have seen more police patrols since the latest incident.

CompStat figures show robberies up, rape down

 According to CompStat, NYPD’s crime tracking system, robberies were up in the 84th Precinct by 26.7 percent over a yearlong period (from 60 in 2015 to 76 in 2016) ending July 10. The number of robberies increased exponentially during the warmer months. Other crimes, including shootings, some types of sex crimes, assault and petit larceny, also increased over the yearlong period.

But some stats improved. Grand larceny auto incidents were down by half; rape decreased by 66 percent.

Looking specifically at recent summer activity on Joralemon Street, 13 crimes are on record with CompStat in the period between June 2 and July 10. (Residents say that some quality of life crimes, such as packs of youth jumping on cars, are not reflected in the numbers.)

These crimes include felony assault, grand larceny, petit larceny, sexual abuse and robbery. One shooting took place on June 6 at Joralemon and Furman streets.

An additional 17 crimes took place on nearby streets, including Remsen, Livingston and Montague streets, during the same time period.

The 84th Precinct notified the Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA) about four crimes that took place during the second week of June on Henry Street between Montague and Clark streets and on Hicks Street near Love Lane. Cellphones were taken in two incidents, a purse stolen in a third, and in one incident the victim resisted and was slashed.

Extra police details – both uniformed and plain clothed – have been assigned to streets in the north Heights and to the Clark Street station, according to BHA.

Regarding these incidents, an NYPD spokesperson told the Eagle, “The commanding officer of the 84 Precinct is aware of this condition and has deployed additional resources in the area.”

Check back to read about innovative solutions the 84th Precinct is applying in the area.

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