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Lentol wants to ease parking around film shoots

January 8, 2016 Associated Press
Assemblymember Joseph Lentol. Photo courtesy of Assemblymember Lentol’s office
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A Brooklyn lawmaker says many film shoots in New York City get special parking permits for trucks, lifts, cranes, rest rooms and campers, sending residents down nearby streets to hunt for spaces.

In an effort to ease the pressure, Assemblymember Joseph Lentol says he’ll introduce legislation to suspend alternate-side parking rules within a six-block radius on days of permitted film shoots.

Filming forces residents to compete with neighbors on adjacent streets for parking spots.

Lentol says that pressure is compounded by enforced rules for parking on alternate sides of the street depending on the day.

The Democrat says North Brooklyn, which he represents, is one of the hottest filming areas. He says the industry brings economic benefits and the temporary parking changes should help protect his constituents’ lifestyles.


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