PYO Army Sneaks by PYO Georgia 39-38

December 15, 2015 Robert Cavaliere
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Army and Georgia went head to head in a fierce Parkville Youth ORganizationgridiron rumble with Army coming up on the sunny side of a 39-38 final.

First blood was drawn by Alfredo Perez after he moved the ball down field, establishing the tempo of this confrontation. Georgia failed to score the extra point which would ultimately cost the team the tie game. Army bounced back, and Ryan Assad — with help from running backs Joshua “Shot Gun” Richardson and Manny Torrez Ruiz — scored a touchdown. Richardson entered golden soil for six points and Assad took it over himself for the extra point.

Georgia hit the boards again in the second quarter with a Perez TD. He tried for the extra point but Giavanni Marsi and Mohammed Dola had other ideas and stopped him dead in his tracks. Torrez Ruiz scored again for Army and the fans were on their feet. Georgia failed to produce and turned the ball over to Army. Edra Lally put an end to the Assad assault by charging across the field and nailed him to Parkville turf. The first half ended a sharp 13-12, Army.

Both teams scored heavily in the second half. Assad of Army and Perez of Georgia were hot to trot. A major highlight was Lally of Georgia making an awesome zigzag run to pay dirt, leaving a trail of disappointed tackles on the ground along the way.

The clock was running out with Georgia in possession in the fourth quarter. Perez was doing an outstanding job moving the ball down field with great blocking from Andrew “Mad Dog” Kashman, Alessandro Aliota, Joseph Mattera and Charles Torres. With 26 seconds on the clock, Perez took the ball to the five-yard line for Georgia. He handed off to Enrique Martinez who charged for holy ground but was stopped by Bassan Awawdeh.

An Army penalty gave a trailing Georgia another shot at scoring. They scored the TD and were one point away from a tie. Then, Perez took the snap and headed for the end zone but Mohammed Dola put the kibosh on that dream and the game ended 39-38, Army.

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