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Gentile bets on Mets in wager with Chicago councilmember

October 19, 2015 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Councilmember Vincent Gentile (right) has made a friendly wager with his Chicago counterpart, Alderman James Cappleman (left). Gentile tweeted about the bet on twitter. Image courtesy of Gentile’s office
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The Mets and the Cubs aren’t the only people in competition with each other. Elected officials are getting into the act, too.

Councilmember Vincent Gentile (D-Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights-Bensonhurst), a life-long New York Mets fan, has challenged Chicago City Councilmember Alderman James Cappleman, a passionate Chicago Cubs fan, to a friendly wager for National League Championship Series (NLCS) between the two teams. 

The two elected officials spoke on the phone and engaged in friendly banter before agreeing on a bet.

If the Mets win, Cappleman will send Gentile a Chicago-style hot dog. Cappleman will also wear a Mets T-shirt and post a picture of himself on his Twitter account to prove that he fulfilled his obligation to the bet. 

If the Cubs beat the Mets, Gentile will follow suit by putting on a Cubs T-shirt and posting a photo of himself wearing the shirt on Twitter.

Gentile will also send Cappleman a Junior’s Cheesecake.

“I’m looking forward to showing New York that the Second City is going to come out on top,” Cappleman said.

Not so fast, Gentile responded. “The Big Apple will rise to the occasion and the Metropolitans will defeat the Chicago Cubs in seven games. No goats needed,” he said.

The NLCS began on Saturday with a 4-2 win by the Mets. On Sunday, the Mets won again, 4-1.

The series is set to resume on Tuesday in Chicago.

Follow @VGentile43 and @JamesCappleman on Twitter to keep up with the fun exchange between the two sports fans. 

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