Colton, Tong tour Bensonhurst building after resident complaints

July 29, 2015 Anna Spivak
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After several months of dealing with what they contend are unsanitary conditions at 8750 Bay Parkway, residents—disgusted with excess trash, pests and other building maintenance issues—have put their foot down and asked for help, and, in so doing, have shined a light on the issue of irresponsible landlords.

Assemblymember William Colton and District Leader Nancy Tong took to the six-story apartment building on Thursday, July 23 to help residents – over 25 of whom had made complaints.

How bad is it? lists 333 issues reported by tenants, including lack of heat and hot water in January, 2015; peeling and flaking paint; bedbugs, mice, roaches and other vermin; leaks; mold; and broken intercoms.

Photo courtesy of Assemblymember William Colton
Photo courtesy of Assemblymember William Colton

According to Colton’s office, the pair was there specifically to address issues of garbage and mice and other vermin infesting the building which was constructed in 1927 and which is owned by 8750 Bay Parkway LLC, and managed by Moshe Piller — who operates out of offices in Boro Park, and who made headlines in 2010 when he attempted to evict a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor from her apartment while she was at a rehabilitation facility, despite the fact that the rent was paid.

“When an apartment building on a block becomes neglected, then it will impact not only the families living in the building but also endangers and lowers property values for all the other families in both buildings and private residences on the block,” said Colton. “I am determined to offer the assistance of my office in preventing this.”

During the visit, Colton and Tong took photos of the damage, took down detailed information about the unsanitary conditions, and took note of the many other problems within the building after an up-close examination, from cracks in the ceilings and walls to an unreliable elevator that can leave residents stranded.

“When a landlord fails to provide legally required services and repairs, tenants should not be afraid to complain as the law requires that rent-paying tenants are entitled to these services and the law protects such tenants from retaliation from such a landlord,” added Tong.

Colton’s office asks that any tenants who are faced with a lack of services or lack of repairs within their building, contact the assemblymember’s office at 718-236-1598 to obtain assistance.

By press time, efforts to contact Piller and 8750 Bay Parkway LLC were unsuccessful.

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