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Short but sweet: Photogenic one-block streets in Bay Ridge

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May 27, 2015 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Pretty Little Angel Eyes (remember the Curtis Lee song?) on Bliss Terrace in Bay Ridge. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan
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These shorties are adorable.

The map of Bay Ridge is dotted with numerous single-block streets. Some of these baby-sized byways can get you from Point A to Point B while others are dead-ends, enhancing their secluded charm.

One of the most charming single-block streets in the neighborhood is Bay Ridge Place, which is paved with cobblestones like you’d see in a historic district. See related story.

This is just a sampling. It would take forever to spotlight all of them. So please, Bay Ridge residents, no hurt feelings if we didn’t include your favorite little street.

Bliss Terrace

An angel sculpture lounges outside 6835 Bliss Terrace, the first house you see as you turn the corner from Bay Ridge Avenue.

Look at the expression on that face  — blissful is the right word to describe it.

The terrace, which runs between Bay Ridge Avenue and 68th Street, was named after industrialist Eliphalet W. Bliss. He lived on the other side of 68th Street in an estate named Owl’s Head —  which he bequeathed to the city of New York and is now Owl’s Head Park.

As an indicator of what homes are worth on these shortie streets, 6801 Bliss Terrace was purchased by spouses Yi Fang Chen and Chung Kwan Pong for $740,000 in 2013, according to city Finance Department records. The asking price had been $778,000, a posting indicates.

Louise Terrace

Tidy Tudors in a double row line lovely Louise Terrace.

This mini-street runs between 70th Street and Mackay Place.

The patio furniture outside one home includes a lime-green umbrella, which makes us smile. So do the Three Little Lambs, which actually are planters perched on the front steps of another home.

In December 2014, 7001 Louise Terrace was sold to Ahmed Rashed for $940,000, Finance Department records indicate.

Ridgecrest Terrace

Ridgecrest Terrace is a thoroughly adorable enclave running between 70th and 71st streets.

Ridge Court

This is a private street — so if you want to take a look, don’t drive there.

The only people who are allowed to park on Ridge Court are its residents.

Some of the homes on this dead-end street off 72nd Street have the quaint feel of cottages. It’s worth the effort to walk over, since taking your car is out of the question.

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