Schools chancellor introduces streamlined school support system

January 27, 2015 Meaghan McGoldrick
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Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña announced on Thursday, January 22 a new streamlined accountability system she says will align the responsibilities of supervising and supporting schools in the offices of the district and high school superintendents, and better support schools.

“We are drawing clear lines of authority and holding everyone in the system accountable for student performance,” said Fariña stressing that the superintendents – the same people who hire and rate – will be in a position to provide support to turn schools around. “This system will create consistency and clarity across the school system, and help us better meet the needs of our students, schools and school communities – especially those who struggle the most.”

In addition, she said, school principals will retain control over their budgets and hiring processes and will retain independence across the system, except in cases of struggling schools.

The new system will take effect for the 2015-2016 school year.

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