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Adelphi kids wear pajamas to school for Spirit Day event

January 19, 2015 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
This student was one of many who traded in their school clothes for pajamas for a day.
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Students at Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn came to school dressed in pajamas on a recent Friday, but it wasn’t because they all overslept. It was actually Pajama Day!

The annual event serves as a chance for students at the Bay Ridge private school to show their school spirit by coming to class in their favorite pajamas. Students of every grade level, from nursery school through 12th grade, were encouraged to come to school dressed in their most colorful sleepwear – bathrobes, slippers, etc. Many youngsters also brought their favorite teddy bears along with them.

Pajama Day was the latest in a series of special themed dress-up days that Adelphi, located at 8515 Ridge Blvd., has established. The events are referred to as Spirit Days. Adelphi holds five Spirit Days each year, including Crazy Hat Day, Disney Day, Brown and Gold Day, Mismatch Day and, of course, Pajama Day.

The response from the students was encouraging, according to Head of School Iphigenia Romanos.

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“It’s always great to see everyone come together to take part in a fun-filled, school-wide activity like this,” Romanos said. “Adelphi has always been an institution rich with tradition and well known for its sense of school spirit and unity. For more than 150 years, Adelphi has promoted the education of the ‘total child.’ We believe that the experiences outside of the classroom are equally as important and equally as rewarding as the experiences within the classroom.”

Romanos described the Spirit Day series as “a strong example of an in-school, out-of-the-classroom ‘total child’ experience that, in turn, enhances the in-classroom experience for the entire school community.”

There’s a serious purpose behind all of the fun, according to Romanos.

“We want our students to learn and to think, but we also want them to have fun doing it and to associate their school with good feelings and wonderful memories always,” she said.

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