THE BUZZ: Sunset Park actress makes big screen debut at Cannes film festival

September 11, 2014 Meaghan McGoldrick
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Sunset Park native and aspiring actress Anna Lakomy is proving that dreams really do come true, even if you’re late to start chasing them.

Born in Manhattan but raised in Sunset Park, the South Brooklyn starlet’s first acting role was that of Pocahontas in a P.S. 160 production just before her 10th birthday. From there, Lakomy, now 26, went on to attend Fiorello H. LaGuardia Performing Arts High School in Manhattan where she studied voice and piano, and later, ended up at Cannes.

“I was really shy as a child and especially as a teenager,” said Lakomy, who didn’t pursue her acting career until after she had graduated college. “When I studied voice at the ‘Fame’ high school, I realized I wasn’t a good singer and was absolutely terrified of performing. It wasn’t until college that I started believing in myself and found a passion for activism which later gave me the courage to pursue acting which had been a dream I before would not even admit to myself.”

Since March of 2012, the lifelong Brooklynite has worked on over 30 independent and student products and has even produced her own short film, “Brave Little Soldier,” which aims to raise awareness of social issues in the military.

The icing on the cake, Lakomy said, was going to the Cannes International Film Festival this past May to see herself performing opposite actor Gerard Depardieu in “Welcome to New York,” a film directed by Abel Ferrara and filmed in New York City last year with a role she believes she landed with help from the bit of “Brooklyn fighter” within.

“I think being from Brooklyn gives me a competitive advantage because New York City is my playground, contrary to so many filmmakers who come here from all over the world,” said the actress. “Ferrara loves working with authentic people so when he started pushing my buttons and I called him out on it, he seemed to have gained a lot of respect for me and that made him want to choose me over the hundreds of other actresses.”

But when it came to Cannes, the Sunset Parker was right at home.

“Going to Cannes was a dream come true and one of the best experiences of my life,” said Lakomy of the international film festival held in the French seaside town since 1946. “Seeing myself and my name in the credits on the big screen was surreal.”

Still, she said, her work is far from over.

“I started chasing acting gigs at the old age of 24, so I definitely feel I am at a disadvantage here,” said Lakomy. “Nonetheless, working opposite Gerard Depardieu and going to Cannes only two years later surpassed my wildest dreams. It’s given me the motivation to fight on when times get tough. I wonder where I’ll be two years from now.”

This past June, Lakomy attended the Philadelphia Comic Con where a short film noir parody she worked on, “417,” was screened.

Currently, the Sunset Parker is assembling a team to produce a feature film she’s written called “Sugar Baby.” According to the silver screen actress, “Sugar Baby” is the story of a New York City law student who enters an arrangement with an older gentleman that comes at too high of a price. Director Abel Ferrara called the edgy script both “erotic and inspiring.”

She is also working on a psychological thriller called “Project Meridiem,” about a bi-polar man who terrorizes a college campus. The film shoots in New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts as Lakomy plays Casey, a pastor’s daughter who only seems to be innocent.

Anna Lakomy with Gerard Depardieu.
Anna Lakomy with Gerard Depardieu.

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