Star of Brooklyn: Terrence LaPierre

August 29, 2014 Editorial Staff
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COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Terrance LaPierre is on the executive board of Community Board 17, which serves East Flatbush, Rugby, Farragut/Hyde Park, Remsen Village, Ditmas Village and Erasmus.

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Sanitation, flooding and quality of life issues are some of the many things LaPierre deals with as chair of the Environmental Protection and Sanitation committee of CB 17. The committee monitors the services of the Department of Sanitation, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, as well as the Department of Buildings, focusing on building codes.

As president of the Avenue D Merchants, said LaPierre, “We see about the violence in the area, encourage the residents to shop in the area, keep the money in the area and the merchants give a 10 percent discount to all the residents of the area,”

MOTIVATION: “I feel it’s my area. I live on the area,” he said. “I have my business in the area and I’m proud to be a resident of [C.B.] 17.”

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: For LaPierre, his greatest accomplishment is a recurring one. “During Christmas, we light up the entire area with Christmas lights all along Avenue D and part of Utica Avenue,” he said.

In addition, another accomplishment of his was installing benches, painting hydrants and planting flowers all along Avenue D.

OBSTACLES: “Some of the merchants being victimized by robberies due to lack of police visibility. The residents around the area are also being robbed,” LaPierre said.

In addition, he noted, “One of the biggest obstacles right now is the intersection of Avenue D and Utica Avenue, which is a danger zone with accidents every week.”

PROFESSIONAL LIFE: For the past 30 years, LaPierre has owned an insurance and tax office on Avenue D, which also handles money orders and immigration issues.

Prior to having his own business, he served in the police in Trinidad and Tobago, arriving in the United States in 1969. He obtained his Broker’s Course from Brooklyn College and also has a CPA in Accounting.

PERSONAL LIFE: LaPierre is married and resides in East Flatbush.

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