Calibella – a Bushwick bakery that’s muy buena

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April 23, 2014 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Calibella Bakery’s name is the words “Cali bella” squished together, meaning “beautiful Cali” – and the Colombian shop owners don’t mean California.

They’re thinking of Cali, a city in Colombia’s sugar-cane growing region. A song that’s perennially popular in Andean countries boasts of the beauty of its women: “Las caleñas son como las flores,” it goes, which means, “The women of Cali are like flowers.”

The baked goods at 164 Wyckoff Ave. are a thing of beauty, too – such as the pandebono, a roll shaped like a ring that’s made with yuca flour and cheese and is muy colombiano. Or there’s a donut Calibella’s cooks created, which is sliced in half and put back together like a sandwich, with pudding-y vanilla cream as the middle layer.

If you stay and sip Colombian coffee, the rollicking music on the sound system will cheer you up even though the lyrics are, Llorar. Llorar y llorar,” which means, “Cry. Cry and cry.”

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A new Bushwick resident, Joshua Jacobson, 22, is a fan of Calibella’s cupcakes.

“I found this place absolutely charming,” said the recent arrival from Baldwin, L. I. He prefers ethnically diverse Bushwick to his old stomping grounds.

“It was just wealthy old Caucasians,” he said.




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