Courtroom outbursts during hearing for accused Brooklyn baby killer

December 23, 2013 By Charisma L. Miller, Esq. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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The family members of a 16-month-old child who was shot to death in Brooklyn lashed out at the accused killer during a courtroom hearing last week.

Cherina Miller, aunt to 16-month-old Antiq Hennis, found it difficult to contain her emotions as she watched the accused killer, Daquan Wright, make seemingly smug and self-satisfied facial expressions during a pretrial appearance in front of Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Neil Firetog on Dec. 20.

According to court documents, Miller screamed “You’re f—— smiling?” and other similar expletives.

Wright, 19 and Daquan Breland, 23, are accused of shooting baby Hennis while he was in a stroller being pushed by his father. According to the charging papers, on Sept. 1, near 350 Bristol St. in Brownsville, Anthony Hennis was pushing his son, Antiq, down the street in a stroller when he ran into Wright and Breland.  

Wright allegedly handed a gun to Breland before Breland fired several shots at Anthony Hennis, his intended target. He missed Anthony, but one of the bullets went through the stroller, striking baby Hennis in the head and killing him.  Wright and Breland were arrested in Pennsylvania a few days later.

Although Breland was not present during the Dec. 20th hearing, this is not the first time that a member of baby Hennis’ family has lashed out in court. During in September, Cherise Miller, baby Hennis’ mother and sister to Cherina Miller, screamed and cursed expressing grief and frustration towards Wright.
Wright’s attorney has even alleged that persons close to Miller’s and Hennis’ family have threatened violence. While in an elevator in the courthouse, John Carney asserts that he heard someone suggesting that Wright and his attorney should be killed.

“I thought that it was a serious crime to plan and plot a murder,” Carney told the Brooklyn Daily Eagle as he explained why he reported the threat to the judge. “It is a question of courtroom security. I understand that the family is suffering, but this showed a disrespect for the court and is a threat.”
Carney, a criminal defense attorney based in Manhattan, noted that he does not take the threat seriously and would not have the parties arrested if he did. “I won’t because you have to have dignity. You get used to having your life threatened when you defend accused murderers.”
When asked why he made the alleged threats known to the judge if he had no intention to file charges or make a report to police, Carney replied, “It’s not my duty to protect myself, but it is my duty to protect the courtroom. You have to tell the officers in the courtroom because I think that it’s a duty an officer of the court has.”

Wright and Breland remain in custody pending trial.

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