Running On Real Estate for November 29

November 29, 2013 By Karen Monroe Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Here we are at Thanksgiving. Not to get all Norman Rockwell on you, but Thanksgiving is a fine time to be at home with family and friends enjoying great food and lively conversation. It’s also an opportunity to take a moment to give thanks for everything we have, for our quality of life and the people we share it with – at home, work and in play. Every year we marvel at the speed with which the year has passed.

It’s during the holidays that the real estate market slows a bit – never stopping, just changing in pace. This time of year is when many people prefer to stay put in their current living situation, rather than go out looking to buy, rent or invest. Would-be sellers are often advised to hold off listing their properties until early spring. Then there are the landlords and property managers. They start getting nervous right about now, eager to fill any vacant apartments before winter storms upon us at full swing.

Like the holidays, real estate is seasonal. Timing when to buy, sell and rent is everything, whether it is want or necessity-based. Even at the right price, a property can linger on the market during a snowy, cold winter. Potential buyers go into hibernation on Sunday afternoons, not to open houses. They wait for the thaw and blooming bulbs before heading out in search of a new home.

As a real estater, the holidays are a fine time to reflect on our past transactions and project forward our new plans for marketing, growing and sustaining our business in the months and year to come. We have a moment to catch our breath and think, and continue to develop ourselves as a brand. I’m a brand, my broker is a brand and Brooklyn is a brand. Each one is connected, and all require attention, strategy and reinvention at least once a year. Thanks to the holiday season, we get a little time back to recharge and reinvest in our business. Yet another reason to be thankful.

So at this time of food, festivity and turkey trots, be sure to take pause, give thanks, and get ready to ring in a new year and fresh season of real estate inventory. Happy Thanksgiving!

On the Run

I’m a homebody. Perhaps this is why I am attracted to a career in real estate. It’s about homes. As an agent, I get to see other people’s homes. And I think it’s fun.

Particularly during the holidays, seeing how people decorate and express themselves is intriguing. From the outside looking in, the lights, candles, trees, ornaments and sparkle of brownstone Brooklyn set a holiday glow to the neighborhood. From the inside looking out, the streets are alive and festive.

This is my favorite part of the holidays: the decorating. Starting at Halloween and on through the new year, my apartment is ready to celebrate the season. To me, the best part of hosting Thanksgiving dinner is getting to set the table. Each year is a new look, switching up textures, colors, flowers and more. I begin planning the whole thing weeks before I even think about the menu. Just ask my family. They are used to it by now.

With our homes decorated, feeling warm and welcoming, it’s too bad that doesn’t translate to attracting high traffic open houses. Seasonal selling will be back with the bloom of spring. In the meantime, enjoy being at home.

Karen Monroe practices real estate at Douglas Elliman Real Estate, 156 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. She lives in the neighborhood and represents buyers, sellers and renters in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Karen can be found walking her dogs and running the parks, paths, streets and bridges of Brooklyn and beyond. For feedback and all of your real estate needs, contact Karen at [email protected].

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