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3-D printing goes global: MakerBot merges with Israel-based Stratasys

June 20, 2013 Heather Chin
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In nearly four years, Downtown Brooklyn-based MakerBot Industries has grown into one of the world leaders of desktop 3D printing, their vision and steadily growing product line breaking new ground long before 3-D printing suddenly became cool this Spring 2013.

Now, this Brooklyn tech startup pioneer has been acquired by Stratasys Ltd — the “leader in 3D printing and additive manufacturing” — in a merger valued at approximately $403 million in stocks.

MakerBot’s CEO Bre Pettis said at a Thursday press conference that the merger will not affect the company’s products, staffing levels, and general brand identity; it will simply operate as a subsidiary of Stratasys, which is based in Israel.

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The collaboration will “supercharge our mission to empower individuals to make things using a MakerBot, and allow us to bring 3-D technology to more people,” said Pettis.

Stratasys CEO David Reis agreed, noting that demand for MakerBot’s products have expanded from hobbyists to more formal computer-assisted-design (CAD) programmers, and pooled resources will allow for greater meeting of evolving demand.

“”MakerBot has impressive products, and we believe that the company’s strategy of making 3-D printing accessible and affordable will continue to drive adoption,” said Reis. “I am looking forward to working with Bre.”

MakerBot has sold over 22,000 3-D printers and just opened a new factory in Sunset Park’s Industry City — one step closer toward fulfilling the company’s mission to ” empower people and innovate; have an idea and make it real, to get things out there and change the world,” said Pettis.

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