Thunderbolt roller coaster is coming to Coney Island

June 11, 2013 Heather Chin
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Coney Island is getting another roller coaster as of Summer 2014 and it may just knock the socks off of the existing Cyclones coaster.

Called the Thunderbolt, the new ride will reach speeds of 65 mph and include a 125-foot drop — faster than the Cyclones’ maximum speed limit of 60 mph, reported the NY Post

The three coaster cars will have room for 27 riders during each trip along 2,000 feet of steel track winding around on one acre of city-owned land on West 15th Street between Surf Avenue and the Coney Island Boardwalk.

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The coaster will cost $10 million and be a newer version of the classic Thunderbolt, which was featured in the 1977 film “Annie Hall” before being torn down in 2000. It is being built and will be operated by Zamperla USA.

The plan, says the NYC Economic Development Corporation, is for the new Thunderbolt coaster to help herald a revitalized Coney Island post-Sandy and post-economic recovery. The city has been steadily unveiling new aspects of its long-term vision for the popular historic amusement park for the past several years. These additions include a landmarked Parachute Jump, Steeplechase Plaza, a restored carousel, and small businesses new and old.

The original Thunderbolt opened in 1925 and was made of wood. It ceased operation in 1982 and was torn down by then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in 2000.

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