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November 26, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, wait? It’s over. Brooklynites gave thanks and ate probably more than they should have on Thursday, and a day later, they hit the streets to try to get the best possible deals in Bay Ridge, around the city and throughout the country for Black Friday.

The 86th Street strip was widely populated with most people carrying at least one shopping bag from Century 21, where they said they found really good deals. The scene was serene; lines weren’t overflowing and people waited patiently and politely.

“This is like my home away from home,” said Vanessa Sierra, who was shopping for things for her apartment at Century, along with her sister who was getting Sierra’s four year-old daughter arts and crafts kits for Christmas.

“I am absolutely content. I never pay full price here,” she added.

But not everyone agreed. Elen Zanotti, spotted shopping at Children’s Place, said she had woken up early to be at Century at 8 a.m. When she got there, she realized that there were only a few stands with items on sale. “The store offered a 25 percent discount for VIP members. I’m disappointed; hopefully next year will be better,” she remarked.

Zanotti, originally from Brazil, had made her way over from where she lives in Mapleton with her friend Lias Cusdio.

“We came here mainly because we don’t have any stores in our neighborhood,” they concluded.

But, Liandra Perez, manager at the store, said that a 25 percent discount was offered to people who sign up for the loyalty card. “It’s free, and we’ve been giving them out all morning,” she explained

“This store generally runs bargains all year round,” exclaimed George A. about Century.

Thirty to 50 percent off from entire purchases were announced at Children’s Place, 417-419 86th Street, which, according to Alyssa Valencia, the store manager, had been very busy. “We opened our doors at 5 a.m. and there was only one person waiting outside. She came from Staten Island making a big purchase of about $350 (worth of clothes).”

There were many happy shoppers like Karina Sosa, who came from Coney Island, and who said she got shirts for $3 at Children’s Place; her shopping odyssey had begun at 11 a.m., and in roughly two hours, she visited three big stores, taking home unbelievable offers.

TJ Maxx, 502 86th Street, had no Black Friday specials. “We offer discounted prices at all times,” said Judon McBride, the greeter, who as well as the rest of the employees wore Christmas headbands. McBride had in a matter of few hours seen hundreds of people come in and out of the store.

“It’s been great,” commented Gina Tuzzo, who came from Staten Island. While she waited for her car to get fixed, she took advantage of the free time to shop in Bay Ridge. “It’s very crowded in Staten Island, the mall, everywhere you go, it’s awful; and here not as much.”

With an all-day sale, PC Richard & Son, on 86th Street, also welcomed the crowd. “We’ve been selling a lot of TVs,” commented manager, Kamal Khan, “Of every size; and, sound bars, too.”

Even Steve Raimondo, who said he doesn’t “do Black Friday,” came in with the purpose of getting a flat screen TV in no more than 20 minutes; and, with many employees on the floor, and lines moving quickly, Raimondo’s goal seemed probable.

“So far, so good,” said Stefanie Dormeus, the manager at Gap. “People have been racking up their bags on this fourth day that we’ve been open as an outlet.” With hoodies with the Gap logo as their most popular item sold, people took advantage of the widespread deals.

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