Hero traffic agent receives 84th Precinct ‘Cop of the Month’ award

October 18, 2012 By Mary Frost Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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As a cop with Brooklyn’s 84th Precinct, Police Officer Natasha Lasalle has come to the aid of many in the community. But on September 18, she was the one who needed help — when she was seriously injured in a police department vehicle while on assignment.

Tracy Hendricks, an off-duty traffic enforcement agent, spotted the accident and rushed to the scene, where she discovered P.O. Lasalle injured and unconscious. Hendricks grabbed Lasalle’s police radio and transmitted an “officer needs assistance” code. Hendricks stayed with Lasalle, safeguarding her until emergency crews arrived.

On Tuesday, Agent Hendricks received the 84th Precinct’s Cop of the Month award at Saint Francis College for her action beyond the call of duty. Especially gratifying was the fact that P.O. Lasalle, now recovered, attended the award ceremony. It was the first time Agent Hendricks has seen P.O Lasalle since the accident.

84th Precinct Community Council President Leslie Lewis said the award moved him because “nobody likes traffic agents.”

“She saved her life. Traffic agent Hendricks ran over, found P.O. Lasalle unconscious, took her radio off her belt and made a call. She stayed with her till medical help arrived. It’s nice to hear of people doing nice things.”

Also attending the event was Agent Hendricks’ commanding officer Traffic Manager Walter Clark; and 84th Precinct Executive Officer Captain Eric Perez.

Other items discussed at the meeting were the topics of back to school safety tips and 84th Precinct crime stats.

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