Mulch Madness Along Williamsburg Waterfront

July 24, 2012 Heather Chin
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Keith Berger pauses for a photo with son Aiden, 3, and Chase Haimoff, 3.

Playing with dirt has never looked this fun!

Families from Northside Piers Towers, The Edge, and Rent On Kent gathered on Saturday, July 21, for a sunny morning of adding mulch to the flower beds along their patch of the Williamsburg waterfront at the North 5th Street pier promenade. The volunteers – who ranged from age three on up – were led in their beautification and gardening efforts by a city gardener sent from the city Parks Department.

“We had a wonderful day filling the planting beds with mulch along the pier,” said mom Jyoti Bhardwaj-Haimoff. “Our city gardener, Marshal, was very friendly and guided us in what needed to be done. The kids had a great time shoveling mulch into buckets and pushing the wheel barrow around the pier.”

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Damon Haimoff helps son Chase and his friend Aiden move mulch.

The day was organized as part of a Parks Department program to help beautify city greenery, said Jeff Klarfeld, property manager of Northside Piers Tower 2. “We’ve been collecting newsprint to put underneath the mulch,” he said, noting that this is just the first of many community social activities the neighborhood will work on.

“There are more things we’ll be doing, [such as] moving benches around to make it more friendly,” he added. “We hope to have a restaurant move into the ground floor of our building [with] seating outside.”

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