On This Day in History, April 20: Headlines of the Past!

April 20, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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He Killed Her Husband
Late Night Tragedy
On Lorimer Street
April 20, 1890

“The sixth precinct was the scene of a horrible tragedy late last night. An injured husband meeting the man who had wronged him walking the street with his wife objects, and a bullet was sent tearing through his heart. He fell dead at the woman’s feet, his life blood covering the clothing of the wife and her companion.

“Three years ago Peter Doran came from Cohoes and met Fanny, the pretty daughter of George Peters. She was then 16 years of age and Doran was 30. It was a case of love at first site. They were wedded and went to Cohoes to live.

“After a year’s residence there the young wife tired of the place and returned to Brooklyn alone. Her husband followed as soon as he could get work. But Fanny preferred to live with her parents at 553 Whythe Avenue.  

“She became acquainted with Asa Waterman, the manager of Jacob’s Lyceum Theater, at Meserole Street and Montrose Avenue. He paid her considerable attention, which fact came to the ears of her husband.

“He forbid Waterman having anything to do with her, but still his attentions continued.”

“Doran was a lather and of late had been at work at Rockaway Beach. Yesterday afternoon, getting word that his wife was going with Waterman to the theater in the evening, he came to Brooklyn.

“After the performance he saw Waterman leave the building with his wife. This was at 10:45. He followed them down Meserole Street to Lorimer where he accosted them.

‘Waterman, What are you doing with my wife?’

Waterman says that Doran struck him. In an instant the former had drawn a .38 calibre revolver and shot his victim through the heart. The wounded man gasped:

‘Fanny, this was all your work,’ and was dead.

Policeman John Lehr heard the shot and hurried to the scene of the tragedy. Waterman gave himself up without a word, and both he and the woman were taken to the stationhouse. He claimed to have acted in self defense….Waterman is married and lived with his family at 273 South Fifth St.”

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