Oy Vey! Barclays Center To Serve Imported ‘Brooklyn Water’?

March 20, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Brooklynites, have you ever thought to yourself while drinking a cool glass of world-renowned New York tap water, “This tap water is good, but I wish it wasn’t free or from New York”? If so, upper management at Barclays Center has its fingers on your tap-water-pumping pulse.  

Demonstrating a keen understanding of their customer base’s sensibilities and an even keener respect for the environment, Barclays Center officials have chosen to uphold their promise to make the refreshment scene at the new arena as “quintessentially Brooklyn as it gets” by contracting a Florida-based company, located just 1,250 miles out of the borough, to import a manufactured simulacrum of Brooklyn tap water straight into the mouths of thirsty Nets fans.

An announcement from these officials yesterday confirmed that upon its opening in September, Barclays will proudly serve Brooklyn Water — branded bottled water, which is crafted and packaged by Brooklyn Water Enterprises Inc., based in Boca Raton, Fla., according to the New York Post.

The company operates a filtration plant in Boca Raton that is capable of producing “50,000 bottles of Brooklynized water per day,” according to its website.

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As part of the Barclays water deal, Brooklyn Water Enterprises will also get the chance to fill a local culinary void in Brooklyn when its subsidiary, Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company, opens its first metro-area bagel shop in the arena.

As the Eagle has reported, the company’s bagel arm is currently involved in a lawsuit brought by a dissatisfied franchisee who claims that the “Brooklynized” water that forms the basis of the company’s signature bagel formula is not a good-faith reproduction of Brooklyn tap.

When asked whether any local bagel-sellers who use unsynthesized Brooklyn water were considered for an arena exclusive, a Barclays official told the Post, “I don’t think we pursued another bagel place.”


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