Ask the DA: Gun Buyback

January 31, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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By Charles J. Hynes
Brooklyn District Attorney

Can you discuss what your office is doing to address gun violence in Brooklyn, particularly with young people that commit crimes of violence involving handguns?

Youth gun violence is a major problem in our nation. Nearly 30 percent of all homicide offenders are between the ages of 17 and 24. At my office we have organized gun buybacks and vigorously prosecute those who commit violent crimes with illegal handguns.  We have also created a documentary detailing the impact that gun violence has on our lives in a film called “Charge it to the Game” which was screened all across Brooklyn at schools, churches and community centers.

This film is a project of my Youth and Congregations in Partnership (YCP) Program, a community-based intervention program promoting rehabilitation and the reduction of recidivism among Brooklyn’s court involved and at-risk youth.  This objective is accomplished by providing comprehensive services including mentoring and through collaborations with community partners.

The documentary will be screened at the NYC Downtown Feature Film Festival on Monday, February 20th at 2:00 p.m. in the Duo Multicultural Arts Center at 62 East 4th St. in Manhattan. The film has been selected by the Film Festival from many entries. The documentary details the consequences of gun violence on the families of both the shooter and the victim, with interviews from members of the community who have been affected.  Funded by the Robin Hood Foundation, the film also examines solutions to curb gun violence.

I am proud that this film was selected to be screened at the NYC Film Festival so that more people can understand the depth of the problem of gun violence.  Hopefully this will encourage people to take action and help us get guns off the streets.  
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