Car services are a driving force in Bay Ridge

December 29, 2011 Denise Romano
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For nearly two decades, business owner Rocky Hot has been takingRidgeites wherever they need to go.

The owner of Your Car Service since 1995, Hot recently purchasedThird Avenue Express car service this June.

It’s a prime location. If we didn’t open up here, someone elsewould have, said Jason Noftell, vice president of Third AvenueExpress, who spoke on Hot’s behalf.

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Both locations have an almost brand new fleet of cars, includingseven hybrids, two minivans and plenty of Lincolns. All cars areequipped with EZ Pass and GPS systems. At any given time, day ornight, there are about 25 cars working at a time. Drivers workmorning and night shifts.

We’re open 366 days a year at all times, Noftell said. Wealso take all competitor’s coupons.

A lot of customers are senior citizens and the team makes surethey get where they need to go safely. We offer a daily 10 percentdiscount to all senior citizens, Noftell said, adding that theyalso offer handicapped accessible vehicles. We go to all doctor’soffices, as well as all airports and train stations.

Since many seniors are afraid of flying, Hot will take youwherever you want to go on four wheels. Earlier this year, acustomer was driven all the way to Richmond, Virginia.

When it comes to kids, they have that covered, too.

We offer car seats and booster seats, Noftell said. We arealso pet-friendly and allow dogs and cats in our cars.

Customers can reserve cars days – or hours – in advance. Weoffer designated driver service, Noftell explained. A lot ofcustomers will tell us ahead of time that they will be drinking, ora bartender can call and order a car if they are too intoxicated todo so. We don’t want to put anyone in danger.

The team is equipped to assist with all kinds of dead batteries.When it’s cold and the snow comes, we will come and jump you,Noftell said, adding that all cars also have phones that customerscan use.

Third Avenue Express’ convenient location is also a help tocommuters.

When the train acts up, especially on the weekends, we getflooded, Noftell said. We want to make sure that you get to workor your doctor’s appointment.

Your Car Service is located at 7205 Third Avenue and can bereached at 718-680-2900. Third Avenue Express is located at 377 BayRidge Avenue and can be reached toll free at 1-800-698-YOUR (9687)or 1-888-315-7222.

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