Lutheran HealthCare joins Safe Stop

November 4, 2011 Heather Chin
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Since launching in August, the Safe Stop initiativehas expanded to include 168 participating merchants throughoutSunset Park, Bay Ridge, Park Slope, Williamsburg and other Brooklynneighborhoods. Now it can count its first hospital in its ranks, aswell.

On Tuesday, November 1, Lutheran HealthCare became the firsthospital system to join those signed up for Kings County DistrictAttorney Charles Hynes’ public safety program

All nine of Lutheran’s community health centers – from those insouthwest Brooklyn to Church Avenue in Flatbush – as well as themain medical center at 150 55th Street, are registered as Safe Stopfacilities and display the Safe Stop logo on their windows.

The move to be a Safe Stop is not surprising as Lutheran isalready the go-to destination for residents seeking medical care,is a recognizable name with many local branches, and hasco-sponsored local events that emphasize public safety andwell-being.

In reaction to recent sexual assaults, Lutheran has activelyparticipated in efforts to help southwest Brooklyn residents staysafe, learn self-defense and be prepared, the hospital said in astatement. The district attorney’s Safe Stop program can make abig difference now for women and others in Brooklyn.

Hynes lauded the addition of Lutheran as a welcome expansion ofthe Safe Stop program, which is a revamp of the earlier Safe Havenprogram, and had already been in the works when eight-year-oldLeiby Kletzky was murdered in July. Interest and awareness in public safety skyrocketed after that incident.

Recently, an eight-year-old boy walked into Party Fair, amerchant in Sunset Park participating in Safe Stop, and told thestore employee that he needed to use their phone to call hisfamily, said Hynes at the Tuesday ceremony, adding, The boy toldthe worker that he recognized the Safe Stop sticker that promptedhim to come into the store and ask for help.

For more information about Safe Stop, including a list ofparticipating businesses, contact the Brooklyn DA’soffice at 718-250-2247. For an application, contact your localBID.

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