Group honors Dyker resident Jim Clark

November 4, 2011 Helen Klein
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He doesn’t ask for the attention, but he sure deserves it.

Jim Clark, the president of the Bay Ridge Fifth Avenue BusinessImprovement District, and a longtime activist with both thebusiness community and the Boy Scouts, was honored by the DykerHeights Civic Association (DHCA) at its annual dinner, held October20 at Sirico’s, at 13th Avenue and 80th Street.

Clark, a retired police officer who works as vice president ofthe real estate division of the Flood Company, is also vicepresident of the Fifth Avenue Board of Trade and is vice presidentof the Brooklyn Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Clark hasalso been honored by the Bay Ridge Community Council, which gavehim its Civic Award in 2009.

DHCA was proud to choose Jim Clark as our honoree this year,noted Fran Vella-Marrone, the group’s president. He is not only atrue gentleman but a person who has been involved in the communityfor many, many , many years. He always gives back to thecommunity.

In his work with the Scouts, Vella-Marrone said, he has triedto shape the leaders of tomorrow, which is very commendable. Asfor the BID, she stressed, Everyone credits him with putting thattogether.

Nonetheless, the recognition appears to surprise Clark, a modestman who usually tries to avoid the limelight. I was very surprisedand very honored that they recognized my achievements, henoted.

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