Staten Island DA Michael McMahon installed as President of NYS District Attorneys Association

April 3, 2024  Robert Abruzzese, Courthouse Editor
Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon (pictured left with Christopher Caputo, past president of the Columbian Lawyers Association of Brooklyn) was installed as president of DAASNY on Monday. Brooklyn Eagle photo by Mario Belluomo
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Richmond County District Attorney Michael McMahon was sworn in as the new president of the District Attorneys Association of the State of New York (DAASNY) on Monday.

Taking over from Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, the inauguration ceremony in Albany marked the beginning of McMahon’s leadership within the organization that champions the interests of New York’s prosecutors.

McMahon, with more than 30 years of public service, steps into this role with a clear vision and acknowledgment of the challenges facing prosecutors across the state. He stated that his presidency aims to elevate the voice of district attorneys in Albany, ensuring their needs and priorities are heard and respected in the broader conversation about criminal justice.

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“As a proud public official serving in various capacities for over three decades, my role as District Attorney has made clear that there is no more noble calling in government than that of the prosecutor,” McMahon said. 

“However, executing our duties on behalf of the People of the State of New York has been made more difficult in recent years,” McMahon continued. “Changes to our discovery and bail laws, Raise the Age, and struggles in retaining talented staff and keeping up with technological changes have impaired our ability to pursue our noble mission: holding lawbreakers accountable under the law, serving innocent victims of crime, protecting public safety for all New Yorkers especially by reducing recidivism when possible and all the while doing the right thing.”

Bail reform has reduced pretrial detention for nonviolent offenses, preventing the potentially detrimental impacts of incarceration on individuals who are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The Raise the Age initiative, which increases the age at which individuals are automatically tried as adults, is designed to reduce recidivism by providing younger individuals with access to juvenile justice systems that focus more on rehabilitation than punishment. 

By fostering a more just and equitable system, these reforms could enhance public trust in the legal system.

DA Flynn, who stepped down to join Lippes Mathias, LLC, lauded McMahon as a fitting leader capable of guiding New York’s district attorneys through a period of transition in criminal justice, emphasizing the importance of balancing dignity and respect for all while upholding the rights of victims and their families.

“I have no doubt that President McMahon will be a great leader in representing District Attorneys across the state and making sure that prosecutors have a voice regarding criminal-justice-related issues that impact the citizens of this state,” Flynn said. 

McMahon’s election as president is part of a broader executive board for DAASNY, including Rensselaer County DA Mary Pat Donnelly, Ontario County DA James Ritts, and Suffolk County DA Raymond Tierney.

Formed in 1909, DAASNY stands as a pivotal organization for New York’s legal and prosecutorial community, offering a platform for dialogue and cooperation among the state’s district attorneys and other legal entities.

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