Brooklyn Bar Association hosts CLE on medicine and law intersection in personal injury cases

November 21, 2023 Robert Abruzzese, Courthouse Editor
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The Brooklyn Bar Association hosted a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) session titled “Prescribing Justice: Navigating the Nexus of Medicine and Law in Personal Injury Litigation” on Tuesday, Nov. 14. 

This educational event aimed to enhance personal injury lawyers’ understanding of medical knowledge, bridging the gap between two intricately connected fields.

The CLE stressed the importance of medical awareness for legal professionals, especially for those in personal injury law. In this ever-evolving practice area, a deep understanding of medical conditions and the latest treatment options is crucial. 

Lawyers with robust medical knowledge can more effectively interact with medical experts, decipher complex medical records, and pose informed questions during depositions and court proceedings. 

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This expertise is not just theoretical; it directly impacts a lawyer’s ability to secure fair compensation and provide the best possible representation for their clients.

Caithlin Robin addresses the audience with keen insights on the intersection of medical knowledge and legal practice, at the Brooklyn Bar Association's recent CLE event.
Caithlin Robin addresses the audience with keen insights on the intersection of medical knowledge and legal practice, at the Brooklyn Bar Association’s recent CLE event.

The event featured a notable lineup of speakers, including Anthony Sears, a plaintiff attorney from Shulman & Hill; Caithlin Robin, a defense attorney from CRA; and Dr. Keyvan Jahanbakhsh. Together, they explored how legal professionals could enhance their practice through better medical understanding.

The CLE comprised a comprehensive lecture series covering a range of topics. These included the basics of medical terminology, in-depth analysis of conditions such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and spinal disorders, and an exploration of cutting-edge treatment modalities like dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulation and Intercept procedures. 

The series also addressed effective communication with medical experts, ethical considerations in medical cases, and strategies for presenting medical evidence in court.

One significant focus was on conditions like CRPS and peripheral nerve injuries, emphasizing the impact these conditions have on a client’s life and litigation. The discussion on treatment modalities like DRG stimulation provided insights into potential relief avenues for clients, further highlighting the role of advanced medical knowledge in legal advocacy.

By the end of the session, attendees gained valuable insights into how to navigate the complex intersection of medicine and law in personal injury cases. The CLE’s overarching goal was to empower legal professionals with the medical acumen necessary to advocate effectively for their clients, thereby contributing positively to their well-being and future. 

This initiative by the Brooklyn Bar Association reflects a commitment to ensuring that lawyers are well-equipped to handle the complexities of modern legal practice, where medical and legal knowledge often intersect.

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