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October 17, 2023 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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The Brooklyn Bar Association has rated the following candidates

in the upcoming election. Candidates receive one of three ratings:

Approved, Not Approved or Not Approved for Failure to Participate.


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Kings County

Surrogate’s Court 

Bernard J. Graham, Approved 


Civil Court, Countywide 

Betsey Jean-Jacques, Approved
Marva C. Brown, Approved
Monique J. Holaman, Approved 


Civil Court, 1st Municipal District 

Rena Malik, Approved 


Civil Court, 2nd Municipal District 

Lola Waterman, Approved
Babatunde Akowe, Not Approved for Failure to Participate


Civil Court, 3rd Municipal District 

Javier Ortiz, Approved 


Supreme Court, 2nd Judicial District 

Rachel Freier, Approved
Sharon A. Bourne-Clarke, Approved
Saul Stein, Approved
Joanne Quinones, Approved
Heela Capell, Approved
Caroline Piela Cohen, Approved
Timothy John Peterson, Not Approved

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