Brooklyn Brandeis Society condemns Hamas attacks on Israel, urges support

October 12, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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In light of last week’s shocking attack on Israeli citizens by Hamas, the Brooklyn Brandeis Society, a group primarily composed of lawyers and judges, issued a strongly-worded statement condemning the terrorist group’s actions and calling for urgent community support for Israel.

The statement described the attacks as “heinous acts” and “indefensible crimes against humanity,” committed by terrorists who “mercilessly targeted civilians of all ages.” 

“The appalling accounts of the unprovoked attacks in Israel, and the horrific massacres, rapes, and kidnappings of Israelis, Americans and others, have left us stunned,” the statement read. “These heinous acts, carried out by terrorists crossing into a sovereign country and mercilessly targeting civilians of all ages, constitute violations of international law and are indefensible crimes against humanity. 

“The Brooklyn Brandeis Society condemns this abhorrent terrorist assault and stands united in our support of Israel and its absolute right to defend itself,” the statement continued. “We pray for those who have been lost, for the speedy and complete recovery of the wounded, and for the safe return of those who have been taken hostage.”

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The statement also provided a list of suggested actions for those wishing to assist, ranging from donating to specific charities like the Jewish National Fund and Magen David Adom to staying engaged on social media and contacting elected representatives to express support for Israel.

The latest round of hostilities adds a grim chapter to the long-standing Israel-Palestine conflict, which erupted again after Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel last Saturday. According to Israel’s top military spokesperson Daniel Hagari, 97 people have been taken captive by Hamas. The Israeli army has launched a counter-offensive aimed at undermining the governance capabilities of Hamas in Gaza.

While Israel’s response has also drawn criticism, including from a group of independent UN experts who accused it of “collective punishment,” the Brooklyn Brandeis Society’s statement does not waver in its support for Israel. The UN experts, while condemning the acts by Hamas, also criticized Israel for its “indiscriminate military attacks.”

The ongoing conflict has led to a significant humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with reports suggesting that more than 330,000 people have been displaced and hospitals are struggling to cope with the influx of the dead and injured.

Given its audience, which includes many within the legal community, the Brooklyn Brandeis Society’s statement may influence ongoing conversations about the conflict, particularly discussions around international law and humanitarian response. 

For those wishing to assist, the Brooklyn Brandeis Society recommends the immediate donation to aid organizations and proactive civic engagement. 

The Brooklyn Brandeis Society suggests several avenues. First, consider donating to a charity, with options ranging from the Jewish National Fund to the Barzilai Medical Center, Magen David Adom, United Hatzalah of Israel, UJA Federation of New York and the Koby Mandell Foundation, which focuses on aiding families affected by terror. 

Beyond financial contributions, staying active on social media can make a difference, the association explained. Contacting your elected officials to voice support for Israel is another recommended action. Additionally, participation in pro-Israel vigils and rallies is encouraged.


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