Brooklyn Bar Association to honor the pillars of justice once again with a Court Attorney Reception

September 25, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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Tucked within the echoing halls and bustling chambers of courthouses are the tireless court attorneys, often overshadowed by the more visible roles of judges and prominent lawyers.

Last November, the Brooklyn Bar Association (BBA) sought to shift the spotlight onto these unsung heroes, and they’re set to do it again next month.

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, the BBA’s historic building at 123 Remsen St. will once again open its doors to court attorneys from across the system for a celebratory gathering. The event, free of charge and starting at 5:30 p.m., promises an evening of camaraderie, refreshments and recognition. And while the evening is sure to be both illuminating and heartening, the BBA kindly requests attendees to RSVP via its website.

From left: Maria Hatzipetros, Christine Ortiz, Hon. Devin Robinson and Yevgeniy Katz.

Following the tremendous success of the inaugural event last year, where nearly 100 attorneys and judges converged at the Brooklyn Bar Association’s auditorium, the stage is set for a repeat performance.

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Anthony Vaughn Jr., president-elect and co-chair of the BBA’s Membership Committee, encapsulated the spirit of the event during last year’s reception, saying, “It was way overdue to recognize you for those contributions that impact our judiciary, our communities, and to our bench.”

Vaughn, along with Pamela Walker, co-chair of the membership committee, have taken the initiative to make this recognition a tradition, aiming to hold the Court Attorneys’ Reception annually. Their hope is to show appreciation to these professionals in the same vein as the annual Judiciary Night.

Margherita Racanelli (left) and Janice Purvis.

Joseph Rosato, the president of BBA, will be present alongside other esteemed members, signifying the importance the association places on recognizing these pivotal players of the legal realm.

Charles Small, the chief clerk of the Kings County Supreme Court, Civil Term, emphasized the indispensability of court attorneys during last year’s reception, lauding their incredible hard work. He remarked, “They work really hard, and this is the first time they are really getting recognized outside of the courthouse.”

The upcoming gathering promises not just an evening of acknowledgment, but also of networking, bridging, and a reinforcement of the camaraderie within Brooklyn’s legal community. As the Brooklyn Bar Association continues its tradition of spotlighting those who’ve long remained in the background, one message stands clear: every role, no matter how understated, is crucial in the machinery of justice.

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