A night of recognition: Legal leaders to take center stage at Access Justice Brooklyn gala

September 25, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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When we think of legal luminaries who have left an indelible mark on the legal landscape, few names shine as brightly as Gbenga Oyebode. On Wednesday, Oct. 11, during its annual gala at the Brooklyn Museum, Access Justice Brooklyn will pay homage to this accomplished professional.

Gbenga Oyebode’s credentials are a testament to his dedication and passion for the field of law. A founding luminary of Aluko & Oyebode, Nigeria’s premier full-service corporate law firm, his mark on complex commercial transactions and negotiations spans over three decades. Beyond the accolades from esteemed organizations like IFLR 1000 and Chambers Global, it is the respect and trust he garners from clients and peers that distinguishes him.

Oyebode’s journey from the University of Pennsylvania to global law firms and oil conglomerates highlights not only his academic prowess but also his commitment to bridging gaps and building connections in the legal realm. His involvement in colossal projects such as the Brass LNG project and various financing initiatives, showcases his unparalleled expertise in navigating intricate commercial ventures.

His educational pedigree, ranging from the University of Ife to Harvard Business School, and professional associations including the Nigerian Bar Association and the American Bar Association, underscores his commitment to continual growth and knowledge acquisition.

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Furthermore, Gbenga’s community service, particularly in the educational domain, speaks volumes about his ethos. By supporting educational initiatives across different continents, he is shaping the next generation of leaders and visionaries.

It is not just his professional achievements that make Oyebode deserving of this honor. His commitment to community service and philanthropy, especially in the field of education, is commendable. He actively supports various institutions, fostering education and leadership from Nigeria to the USA.

Yet, the gala is not just about one star in the legal constellation. It also honors Faith Gay, a name synonymous with litigation excellence. As a founding partner at Selendy Gay Elsberg PLLC, Gay has repeatedly showcased her unmatched prowess in the courtroom. Her national recognition, her leadership roles in high-stakes jury trials and the respect she commands in the legal community underscore a career built on relentless dedication.

Nicki Livanos, another honoree for the evening, is a testament to excellence in the domain of real estate. As the director of real estate investments at Equitable, she astutely oversees portfolios worth more than $15 billion, reflecting her deep insights and strategic acumen in the sector.

While individual achievements will be in the limelight, the evening will also see AXA X, a global commercial and reinsurance firm, being awarded the Champion of Justice Award, celebrating the firm’s commitment to justice.

Behind this gala is the mission of Access Justice Brooklyn — to champion the cause of equity and justice. In a world rife with disparities, the organization stands as a bulwark, ensuring that legal assistance is not a luxury but a fundamental right.

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