Brooklyn Bar Association CLE sheds light on modern legal Practices

September 18, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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The legal sector is undergoing a transformation, moving from dusty tomes and wood-paneled offices to the sleek interfaces of cloud databases and virtual courtrooms. In a timely seminar hosted by the Brooklyn Bar Association titled “LEAP — Leveraging Technology to Implement the 11 Habits of Successful Law Firms” — industry professionals were shown the ropes of navigating this brave new world.

At the heart of this evolution is the pressing need for law firms to reevaluate traditional practices and strategically integrate technology. The seminar, drawing a significant crowd on Friday, dissected the profound changes witnessed in the legal arena, with digital interfaces taking precedence over physical ones.

The keynote was delivered by Sy Justin Sommer, the dynamic director of litigation at LEAP Legal Software. With his roots in Brooklyn, Sommer shared a rich timeline of experiences, from his time at Fordham Law School to cutting his teeth at Manhattan’s Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP and subsequently making waves in the corporate world with JPMorgan Chase.

His presentation echoed an overarching theme: For legal firms to truly thrive in this digital age, they must not only adapt but also be at the forefront of embracing technological innovations.

Drawing on the insights, Sommer presented the seminar’s focal point, the “11 Habits of Successful Law Firms.” Ranging from the commitment to efficiency, being early adopters of technology, to the nuances of client experience, these habits form the bedrock of contemporary legal success.

Embracing change isn’t just about installing the latest software or going paperless, it’s a mindset shift, Sommer explained, citing the RPC 1.1, which underscores the significance of staying abreast with technological advancements in legal practices.

Beyond these habits, Sommer delved into practical strategies for firms. Highlights included the adoption of Amazon Web Services for a unified and secure case database, the integration of practice management tools with familiar platforms like Microsoft Outlook, and the essentials of time recording and billing.

A key takeaway from the seminar was the future-forward vision of the legal world. With tools like the LEAP Mobile App, lawyers can now manage cases on the go, embracing a new level of flexibility and responsiveness. As the legal industry evolves, the Brooklyn Bar Association’s timely seminar offered a roadmap for firms to stay ahead, underscoring the importance of adaptability and tech-savviness, and a relentless focus on efficiency and client experience.

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