2023 ‘Brooklyn Power 100’ list reveals borough’s legal heavyweights

List includes both Corporation Counsel Hinds-Radix and BWBA President Radix

August 3, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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The who’s who of Kings County, New York has recently been unveiled in the “2023 Brooklyn Power 100” list published by City & State: New York. The list, a kaleidoscope of influence, is populated by figures from various spheres of Brooklyn society, with the legal community well-represented among the top honorees.

Despite not being a lawyer himself, Brooklyn Mayor Eric Adams tops the list. Known as a good friend of the legal community, Adams’ rise to power was aided in large part by Frank Carone and Hon. Frank Seddio, both past presidents of the Brooklyn Bar Association.

Brooklyn Democratic Party Chair and Brooklyn Law School student Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn.

The first member of the legal community on the list and fourth overall is Letitia James, the state’s attorney general and a proud Brooklyn native. District Attorney Eric Gonzalez ranks sixth, followed by current Brooklyn Law School student and chair of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn, who lands in the ninth spot.

Frank Carone, a past president of the Brooklyn Bar Association, who is currently “Of Counsel” at Abrams Fensterman.

Frank Carone is also mentioned at No. 20, while U.S. Attorney Breon Peace claims the 23rd spot. L. Joy Williams, president of the Brooklyn NAACP, is listed at No. 49, and former Councilmember Ken Fisher takes the 53rd spot.

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Two notable inclusions are Hon. Sylvia Hinds-Radix and her daughter Jovia Radix, who claim the 45th and 76th spots, respectively.

Hon. Hinds-Radix is an established figure in the New York legal scene. She currently serves as the New York City corporation counsel, a role that involves acting as the city’s chief legal officer and head of the New York City Law Department. Before this, she served as an administrative judge for Kings County Supreme Court and as a judge in the Appellate Division. With her years of judicial and legal service, she has built a reputation for her expertise, leadership and dedication to the law.

Her daughter, Jovia Radix, despite being relatively early in her legal career, has already made a significant impact. She graduated from Hofstra University School of Law in 2018 and has swiftly risen through the ranks to become the president of the Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association. This is an impressive accomplishment for someone who is just a few years out of law school.

The dual inclusion of mother and daughter on this list underscores the influence of their family within the legal community, while also showcasing the strength of the next generation of legal minds in Brooklyn. Jovia’s inclusion, in particular, signals her as a rising star to watch in the coming years. Their influence and potential make them key figures in Brooklyn’s legal community, which is why they were included in the “2023 Brooklyn Power 100” list.

Of course, the “2023 Brooklyn Power 100” list is not only composed of legal professionals but also includes influential figures from other sectors who have made significant contributions to the legal community. Key among them are the trio from Make the Road New York Co-executive Directors Jose Lopez, Arlenis Morel, and Theo Oshiro; and Alyssa Aguilera and Jeremy Saunders, the driving forces behind VOCAL-NY.

Make the Road New York, a social justice organization, is known for its tireless work to ensure New York City remains a welcoming beacon for asylum seekers. Despite Mayor Eric Adams’ interpretation of the city’s right-to-shelter law, co-executive directors Lopez, Morel, and Oshiro are steadfast in their pursuit of increased tenant protections, expanded unemployment benefits and enhanced healthcare access.

Their dedicated efforts include demanding a substantial $70 million for legal services in the city budget. A recent survey conducted by their organization found that a scant 7% of asylum seekers had access to legal representation to navigate the complex asylum application process, and an alarming 58% were unable to afford necessary medical care.

VOCAL-NY, an activist group focusing on criminal justice issues, has been at the forefront of New York City’s most pressing debates for over two decades. Though the group’s protests weren’t successful in preventing the rollback of the state’s bail reform laws, leaders Alyssa Aguilera and Jeremy Saunders were effective in swaying lawmakers to ease the process for defendants challenging wrongful convictions. Currently, their sights are set on holding the New York City Police Department’s Strategic Response Group accountable for what they call excessive aggressiveness during protests, while also advocating for more support for New York’s homeless population.

However, the list was not without its surprising omissions. Despite his significant influence, Hon. Frank Seddio, the retired head of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, was not included. The absence of anyone from Brooklyn Law School was another noticeable exclusion, especially given the prominent ranking of the Brooklyn College president at No. 62.

City & State: New York’s “2023 Brooklyn Power 100” list offers a snapshot of Brooklyn’s movers and shakers, shaping the future of the borough in a myriad of ways. From legal experts to political leaders, each honoree is leaving an indelible mark on Brooklyn and beyond.


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