Law and order at the ballpark: KCCBA’s Yankees-Mets bash

July 26, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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In their much-anticipated tradition, the Kings County Criminal Bar Association (KCCBA) and President Darran Winslow organized the group’s annual Yankees Game Continuing Legal Education (CLE) event on Tuesday, July 25.

The well-attended event brought together KCCBA members and their associates for a day of networking and learning, followed by the thrill of a baseball game. Among those in attendance were President Winslow, Executive Vice President Paul Hirsch, past presidents Andrew Rendeiro, Michael Cibella, and Christopher Wright, Judge Kevin McGrath, and Kings County District Attorney Eric Gonzalez.

KCCBA’s finest, including President Darran Winslow (far right) and Executive Vice President Paul Hirsch (second from left), gathered with Kings County District Attorney Eric Gonzalez (fourth from right in black jacket) for a CLE and to watch the Yankees take on the Mets.

The tradition, initiated under past president Hon. Michael Farkas, has been upheld by each subsequent president, featuring esteemed speakers such as Hon. Matthew D’Emic, Hon. Barry Kamins, and Cary London. The attendees gather for a one-hour CLE lecture at the stadium prior to the excitement of the game.

After the intellectual stimulation of the lecture, attendees enjoyed a laid-back cocktail hour offering complimentary beer and soda, along with free hot dogs, pretzels, and sausages served through the fifth inning.

President Winslow praised the event’s continued success, citing its popularity among members and the various benefits it offers, from contributing towards their required CLE credits to fostering networking opportunities. This year’s event was particularly special as attendees had the chance to watch the Yankees take on the Mets — a treat for all, especially for Justin Verlander fans.

From learning to leisure, the KCCBA members including Cary London (second from left) enjoy the annual CLE event followed by the thrilling Yankees-Mets faceoff.


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