Artists selected for barricade cover design in DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge Park

9 artist designs now installed in area

July 12, 2023 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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DUMBO – The DUMBO Improvement District and Brooklyn Bridge Park have announced 11 selected designs from nine artists for barricade cover designs to be installed throughout Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO with the goal of enlivening the streetscape and bringing forth a spirit of togetherness within the neighborhood. 

The barricades, featuring the work by these talented artists, will be stationed throughout Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO as placemaking in situ, as well as for street closings, at events and for other purposes—often in busy areas that serve as well-known photo opportunities, such as along the waterfront, Washington Street and more. The barricade cover art will be on display for two years, rotating throughout the neighborhood and park during that time period.

The selected designs and artists include:

  • “Footprint” by Acrylicize. 

The artists explain, “We are exploring the details that make DUMBO unique. Through space and activity, a bold expression of the local flair comes to life. We’ve developed a series of patterns and colors that personify the simple things that make DUMBO unique.”

“I Saw An Elephant” by Alexey Tishkin.
  • “I Saw An Elephant” by Alexey Tishkin. 

“Anyone who has visited the DUMBO area for the first time will easily recognize themselves in my art,” says Tishkin. “DUMBO liberates and surprises. A variety of people strive here for impressions and always experience genuine children’s delight from what they see. About the same when a child sees a live elephant for the first time. Probably DUMBO’s most important attraction is the view of the Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street, and thanks to the name, DUMBO’s symbol is an elephant. I’ll be completely honest with you – take a closer look: the Manhattan Bridge, in front of which an enthusiastic audience gathers, casts the shadow of an elephant.”


Harnest shares, “`LANDSCAPE: EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE’ uses bright colors and bold shapes to represent the remarkable physical features of the landscape around it and the diversity of the people joining it: the excitement that comes from everything and everyone being here together.”

“DUMBO Is Where Friends and Waters Meet” by Isa Marcello.
  • “DUMBO Is Where Friends and Waters Meet” and “DUMBO Is For Artists and Lovers” by Isa Marcello. 

Marcello’s figurative oil and gouache paintings begin as digital collages on Adobe Photoshop. “DUMBO Is Where Friends and Waters Meet” is an art piece that demonstrates this process. Inspired by the ancestral healing power of fruit, the work blends Brazilian coconut water and caju fruit (the fruit of the cashew tree) with DUMBO’s iconic skyline. Marcello is interested in how digital platforms can accelerate processes so artists can devote more time to orchestrating social change. He is interested in the democratizing potential of digital, as well as its capacity for bringing large-scale artwork to the public. 

He also recalls falling in love in Brooklyn during the COVID pandemic over long walks to the water. “DUMBO Is For Artists and Lovers” merges a 47.25 x 63-inch oil painting with digital media and written word to capture this feeling.

“DUMBO Mandala” by Ji Yong Kim.
  • “DUMBO Delicacies and DUMBO Mandala” by Ji Yong Kim.

    “‘DUMBO Mandala’ depicts features found in DUMBO, arranged in mandala format,” Kim explains. “On the outer border, there is a simplified architectural arch of bridges. Four different languages spell out ‘DUMBO,’ highlighting global tourists visiting this area from around the world. Four different smiling emojis with varying patterns demarcate the borders. In the center of the work, we see the iconic image of DUMBO with the Manhattan Bridge framing the Empire State Building. This is surrounded by four windows of elements commonly found in DUMBO: rolling clouds, cobblestone roads, splashing water and green plants.

    “Expanding much more from the first ‘DUMBO Mandala’ design, the second design incorporates and focuses on many well-known food and dessert spots found around the DUMBO area. Around the outer border, colorful geometric patterns frame the symmetrical design of the work,” Kim continues. “On the four corners, there are icons of four commonly found elements associated with the area: busy ferries, stunning cityscape, marine life and the iconic Statue of Liberty.  Adjacent, there are six different languages spelling out `DUMBO,’ welcoming global tourists. 

“The main highlight delicacies presented on the left and right shows the world-famous ice cream and brick oven pizza. The two horses facing towards the center are an obvious nod to Jane’s Carousel. Four various foods are shown around the central camera highlighting a wide variety of amazing food choices; ramen, oysters, burger, and coffee. Scattered around are various emojis celebrating awesome delicacies found in DUMBO,” Kim concluded.

“Life Is So Beautiful” by Leysan Nigmatova.
  • “Life Is So Beautiful” by Leysan Nigmatova.

Nigmatova says, “As an artist, I am always inspired by the beauty of life. Through my work, I convey the joy and wonder that I feel when I contemplate the world around me. I strive to fill my creation with a sense of awe and gratitude that I feel for life. I believe that art has the power to remind us of the beauty and wonder of life, even in the midst of difficulty and hardship. Life is challenging, yet delights us. Life unfolds all its colors and teaches us through its shades. 

“And so, my work reflects the colorful rhythm, dynamic, and joy of life that unites us. It is a simple reminder of how wonderful it is to see, sing, listen, dream, and so on. By creating work that celebrates the richness of existence, I hope to inspire others to embrace life with open hearts and minds. Ultimately, my work is a reflection of my passion for life and my belief in its ability to inspire, educate, and transform,” Nigmatova says.

“Between the Bridges” by Mitzie Wong.
  • “Between the Bridges” by Mitzie Wong. 

Wong states, “All artworks are memories inspired by walks by the East River along Brooklyn Bridge Park and around DUMBO.”

  • “ABSTRACT” by Vanessa Alvarez Diaz. 

“With this piece called Abstract,” Diaz says, “I am looking for a conversation between the public space, the viewer and the art. Created with masses and vibrant colors, Abstract has its own shapes, movement and feelings. A dynamic work full of optimism, for a place that also has those qualities, DUMBO.”

“DUMBO in the morning” by Williams B. Perez.
  • “DUMBO in the morning” by Williams B. Perez.

Perez explains that the work “is a morning around DUMBO, and people are active, going to work, and enjoying a nice sunrise.” 

“It’s always a thrill to get to showcase Brooklyn artists,” said DUMBO Improvement District President Alexandria Sica. “We’ve got the backdrop and they’ve got the talent! These works of art are going to delight everyone who heads to DUMBO and the waterfront this summer.”

“Brooklyn Bridge Park has a long history of bringing art to park-goers and the neighborhood, and we’re so excited about this project with the DUMBO BID,” said Sarah Krauss, vice president of public affairs for Brooklyn Bridge Park. “We are grateful to the artists for their amazing work, transforming steel barricades into a gorgeous display of art, color, community, and joy.”

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