Brooklyn super gets 27 years for strangling and burying his replacement

July 10, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced a 27 years-to-life sentence for a Brooklyn man convicted of the chilling 2017 murder of a building superintendent in Bushwick last Thursday.

The killer, Keith Floyd, 44, strangled the victim who had been hired as his replacement and proceeded to bury the body in an unmarked grave at his grandmother’s house in a macabre attempt to hide his crimes.

In a statement, DA Gonzalez expressed his shock over the cold-blooded murder, pledging solidarity with the victim’s loved ones.

“The senselessness of this cold-blooded murder shocks the conscience, and my heart continues to be with Daniel Rivera’s loved ones,” Gonzalez said. “Today’s lengthy prison sentence makes our community safer and ensures this defendant will pay a heavy price for this callous and horrific crime.”

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Rhonda Ziomaida Tomlinson presided over the sentencing of Floyd, who was convicted of second-degree murder, first-degree hindering prosecution, and concealment of a human corpse on Feb. 21, 2023, following a jury trial.

The victim, 41-year-old Daniel Rivera, had replaced Floyd as superintendent after Floyd was dismissed and arrested for gun possession in April 2017. Floyd’s eviction from his company-owned apartment was imminent, with Rivera scheduled to take his place.

Evidence pointed to Floyd’s desperate attempts to interact with Rivera in the days leading up to the murder. He communicated via phone calls and texts, culminating in a seven-hour text exchange on the day of the crime.

On that fateful day, Floyd was seen on surveillance footage leaving his apartment and heading to 146 Grove St., one of the properties Rivera maintained. He murdered Rivera there just 40 minutes later.

In a morbid twist, Floyd and his sister, Adrianna Floyd, 41, returned to the crime scene, encased the victim’s body in trash bags, and carted it to Floyd’s apartment.

On Sept. 30, 2017, Floyd used Rivera’s cellphone to message Rivera’s boss, faking Rivera’s resignation. Later that morning, surveillance cameras captured him hauling the body to his grandmother’s home at 54 Himrod St., where he buried Rivera in the backyard.

Following an anonymous tip, the NYPD discovered Rivera’s body in a shallow grave on Oct. 6, 2017. An autopsy confirmed Rivera died from homicidal asphyxia, a grim end to this twisted tale of jealousy and murder. Floyd’s lengthy sentence ensures that justice has been served for Rivera’s tragic and untimely death.


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