Joe Rosato kicks off term as BBA President with courthouse bbq

June 23, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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In an energetic first week as President of the Brooklyn Bar Association (BBA), Joseph Rosato has hit the ground running, tapping into the talents of one of the association’s past presidents in a community-strengthening event.

Rosato teamed up with Hon. Frank Seddio, a former BBA president and notable cook, in organizing a barbecue for the BBA members and local legal community. This unique gathering took place at the parking lot of 360 Adams Street, the home of Kings County Supreme Court, Civil Term.

From left: Hon. Ellen Spodek, president of the Brooklyn Brandeis Society, Andrea Caruso, and Hon. Esther Morgenstern.
Hon. Joanne Quinones and Darran Winslow, president of the Kings County Criminal Bar Association.

Approximately 150 attendees including judges, lawyers, court officers, and court employees, came together for an evening of food, fellowship, and connection. Craig Montalbano was among the team of assistants who aided in making the event a success.

From left: Yvette Hinds-Wills, James Blain, Hon. Sharen Hudson, Chief Clerk Charles Small, Hon. Derefim Neckles, and Natoya McGhie.
From left: Adam Kalish, president-elect of the Bay Ridge Lawyers Association, Dominic Famulari, president of the Bay Ridge Lawyers Association, and Gregory LaSpina.

Rosato and Seddio’s initiative was not just about culinary delight and camaraderie. It was also an attempt to compensate for the annual St. Joseph’s Day feast, traditionally held at Seddio’s Canarsie residence in March, which was regrettably canceled this year. Given Seddio’s love for cooking, it didn’t take much for Rosato to persuade him to be part of this unique initiative, backed by the support of Justice Lawrence Knipel.

Hon. Edward King (left) and Hon. Reginald Boddie.
Kwok Kei Ng and Hon. Caroline Piela Cohen.
Hon. Bernard Graham (left), Hon. Rosemarie Montalbano, and Hon. Frank Seddio.
From left: Hon. Lawrence Knipel, administrative judge of the Kings County Supreme Court, Civil Term, and Victoria Serigano.
From left: Hon. Dweynie Paul, Hon. Lillian Wan, Turquoise Haskin, and Angelicque Moreno, president of the Puerto Rican Bar Association.

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