Judge Patricia DiMango takes gavel in Judge Judy’s new show: ‘Tribunal Justice’

June 14, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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In the legacy of television’s most prominent legal arbitrator, Judge Judy Sheindlin, comes the Amazon Freevee series “Tribunal Justice,” a mirror image of the long-running syndicated court show, “Hot Bench.”

Brooklyn’s own Judge Patricia DiMango exhibits her incisive interrogation and shrewd discernment in the new Amazon Freevee series ‘Tribunal Justice.’

With a pedigree echoing the most acclaimed courtroom dramas, ‘Tribunal Justice’ hands the hammer to three distinguished judges, including Brooklyn’s Patricia DiMango, a former New York State Supreme Court Justice.

Just as Sheindlin drew audiences with her biting repartee and no-nonsense justice in ‘Judge Judy,’ and later in ‘Judy Justice,’ ‘Tribunal Justice’ brings a triumvirate of judicial experience to the bench. Teaming with DiMango are the seasoned Tanya Acker, a civil litigator and Judge Pro Tem in Los Angeles, and Adam Levy, a former District Attorney in New York’s Putnam County.

The ‘Hot Bench’ alum, DiMango is a standout. Known for her incisive interrogation and shrewd discernment, DiMango probes into the incident that instigated the filing of a restraining order and scrutinizes the claims of back rent. Her tenacity echoes the ethos of Sheindlin’s judicial philosophy, pushing for truth amid a whirl of testimonies.

In one particularly gripping episode, two people square off over discarded belongings and an unsettled rent dispute. The case, originally filed in Houston, showcases DiMango’s knack for drilling into the heart of the conflict, raising questions that slice through evasion and ambiguity.

DiMango’s dogged pursuit of truth matches the spirit of the show’s creator, Sheindlin. While Levy maintains his prosecutorial style, and Acker offers seasoned TV judge wisdom, it is DiMango’s relentless pursuit of justice that infuses ‘Tribunal Justice’ with the distinctive Sheindlin-style ‘tough love.’

The new series captures the grit and charisma of ‘Hot Bench,’ but with a fresh set and the added expertise of Levy. If you’re seeking courtroom drama steeped in truth, with a dash of heated debate, ‘Tribunal Justice’ is worth the watch. Cases unfold with the same unpredictable drama that has defined Sheindlin’s shows, with the added twist of three judges deliberating to reach a verdict.

Bailiff Petri Hawkins Byrd, a veteran of ‘Judge Judy,’ maintains order in the courtroom alongside Cassandra Britt. And much like its predecessors, the litigants in ‘Tribunal Justice’ aren’t shy about voicing their grievances, offering viewers a roller coaster ride of heated exchanges and unexpected twists.

The show officially kicked off this past Friday, June 9. Expect to see DiMango’s brand of justice in action when new episodes of ‘Tribunal Justice’ will be released every weekday through December 1. Brace yourselves, court drama fans – the gavel has been passed, and Judge DiMango isn’t holding back.

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