Attorneys Lipari and Mace honored with Charles E. Rose Awards at EDNY annual dinner

June 12, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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Two prominent attorneys working in the Eastern District of New York, Vincent Lipari, Senior Trial Counsel in the Civil Division, and Kristin Mace, Chief of the Criminal Division, each received the prestigious Charles E. Rose Awards at the Eastern District Association’s 2023 annual dinner held at the New York Athletic Club in Manhattan.

This year marked a milestone, as for the first time, the Charles E. Rose Award honored two extraordinary attorneys, one from each division. The award annually recognizes EDNY AUSAs who display exceptional strength of advocacy and heart, attributes deeply embodied by Charles Rose.

Lipari, a Brooklyn College and St. John’s Law School graduate, has amassed an impressive track record since joining the Office’s Civil Division in 1996. Before his public service, he spent 13 years in private practice, where he honed his skills in commercial litigation. Known for his tireless advocacy for the United States, Lipari’s work spans diverse matters such as defensive monetary cases, Social Security and bankruptcy matters, civil and criminal forfeiture, environmental litigations, and more.

With over 50 tried cases under his belt, his courtroom prowess is widely recognized. He has also masterfully handled numerous appeals before the Second Circuit and obtained favorable settlements in many other cases.

One of Lipari’s standout cases is U.S. v. Sabhnani, where he successfully defended the government’s forfeiture of a luxurious home used to subject two women to forced labor. Another notable achievement was his victory in the challenging Mesimeris v. U.S. case, where his meticulous cross-examination and the comprehensive defense saved the government millions of dollars.

Mace, a graduate of Oberlin College and Northwestern University School of Law, joined the Office in 2011 after serving as a litigation associate at Winston & Strawn LLP and completing clerkships for Judges Virginia A. Phillips and Joel M. Flaum. As a remarkable prosecutor, Mace has received numerous accolades, including the Henry L. Stimson Medal and the Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding Achievements in FIFA Corruption Investigation.

Mace has proven her exceptional capabilities in investigating and prosecuting racketeering cases against members of La Cosa Nostra organized crime families, street gangs, and corruption within the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). In U.S. v. Lupoi, she led the successful prosecution of an international crime ring connected to the Gambino and Bonano crime families and the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta. Mace’s investigative prowess also shone in the groundbreaking prosecution of Vincent Vertuccio and the FIFA prosecutions.

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