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Our world in photos: June 5

June 5, 2023 Daniel Cody
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INDIA – Environment Day: Indian men collect sand on horse backs and walk across a polluted River Tawi on World Environment Day in Jammu, India, Monday.
Photo: Channi Anand/AP


BRAZIL – Indigenous protest: Indigenous leader Thiago Karai Djekupe shouted slogans during a march against proposed legislation that would change the policy that demarcates Indigenous lands at the Pico do Jaragua in São Paulo, Sunday.
Photo: Marcelo Chello/AP


ARGENTINA – Korea vs. Nigeria: South Korea’s Choi Seok-hyun celebrates after scoring against Nigeria the opening goal during the extra time of a FIFA U-20 World Cup quarterfinal soccer match at the Madre de Ciudades stadium in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Sunday.
Photo: Nicolas Aguilera/AP


HONG KONG – A journalist’s appeal: Journalist Bao Choy, center, speaks to members of the press after being cleared by the city’s top court, Monday.
Photo: Louise Delmotte/AP


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GERMANY – Moon: The moon sets behind buildings on top of the Feldberg mountain near Frankfurt, early Monday.
Photo: Michael Probst/AP


UKRAINE – Rockets: Russian rockets are launched against Ukraine from Russia’s Belgorod region, seen from Kharkiv, Ukraine, late Sunday.
Photo: Vadim Belikov/AP


SOUTH KOREA – Memorial Day: Kim Kyung-shick weeps in front of the gravestone of his father Kim Young-seol, who died during the Korean War, on the eve of South Korea’s Memorial Day at the National Cemetery in Seoul, Monday.
Photo: Ann Young-joon/AP

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