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With one month until tax day, Letitia James offers New Yorkers some advice

March 14, 2023 Robert Abruzzese
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CITYWIDE — Attorney General Letitia James, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams have continued their efforts to inform and protect New Yorkers during tax season.

With Tax Day only a month away, the officials have raised awareness about tax credits that may be available to New Yorkers, encouraging them to utilize all the tax breaks for which they qualify.

“Tax season may feel overwhelming to many New Yorkers, but thankfully there are resources available to lighten the load,” said Attorney General James. “I encourage all New Yorkers to take advantage of the organizations dedicated to helping out during the tax preparation process, and to utilize all of the tax breaks for which you qualify. Additionally, please stay vigilant against bad actors trying to take advantage, and you can always report concerns and complaints to my office.”

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To help New Yorkers file their taxes safely and reduce the stress associated with the tax filing process, the officials have outlined several resources available. They highlighted the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Free Filing program, which offers free virtual tax assistance to eligible New Yorkers through the state’s Department of Taxation and Finance’s Taxpayer Assistance Program (TAP). New Yorkers can also access free tax preparation services through Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites or the NYC Free Tax Prep program.

The officials reminded New Yorkers to apply for tax credits that can reduce the amount of income tax owed. These credits include the Empire State child credit, the property tax relief credit, the earned income credit, the solar energy system equipment credit, and many more. Refundable tax credits, such as the New York City Child Care Tax Credit (NYC CCTC) and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), can also increase tax refund amounts if the credit balance exceeds the tax owed.

Attorney General James, Mayor Adams, and Speaker Adams also warned New Yorkers about deceptive tax preparer schemes, such as tax preparers who claim to get tax refunds quicker but charge high interest rates and fees in the form of Tax Refund Advance Loans. They encouraged anyone using a tax preparer to check their qualifications and history through the Better Business Bureau and consult New York’s Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers.

For more information about available tax credits and other tax resources, New Yorkers can visit the New York state Department of Taxation and Finance income tax credit page or the New York City Department of Consumer and Workers Protection page.

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