Brooklyn Bar Association shows appreciation for court attorneys at special reception

November 21, 2022 Rob Abruzzese
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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — Behind every good judge is an exhausted court attorney so the Brooklyn Bar Association held a Court Attorney’s Reception at the BBA building on Remsen Street on Wednesday, Nov. 9 to celebrate the “unsung heroes” of the courthouse.

“We talk about all the time how we have the best judiciary in the state, but obviously a lot of that contribution comes from you,” said Anthony Vaughn, first vice president and co-chair of the BBA’s Membership Committee. “It was way overdue to recognize you for those contributions that impact our judiciary, our communities, and to our bench.”

The event, which was organized by the Membership Committee, appeared to be a great success as nearly 100 attorneys and judges filled the auditorium of the Brooklyn Bar Association.

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Vaughn, who organized the event alongside his co-chair Pamela Walker, said that he hopes to see the Brooklyn Bar Association host the reception annually as a way to thank the court employees similarly to how the bar association hosts an annual Judiciary Night.

“What you are dealing with is our BS, let’s be real,” Vaughn joked. “It’s our submissions, our requests for sur replies, our disputes over depositions, over discovery, and so many of you look at us like, ‘you went law school?’ We appreciate you, we all do.”

Imran Ansari (left) and Darran Winslow, president of the Kings County Criminal Bar Association. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese

Brief speeches were given by Vaughn and Walker, BBA President Richard Klass, and Charles Small, the chief clerk of the Kings County Supreme Court, Civil Term. Walker encouraged everyone to mingle and network, while Small

“If you see that a judge has 200 motions on the calendar, let’s say 90 of those motions and decisions have to be written, the judge is not writing all of those decisions so the law clerks do a lot of work,” Small said. “Our court attorneys work in the front parts, the discovery parts, they sign uncontested judgments, they draft decisions in all areas of law. They work really hard and this is the first time they are really getting recognized outside of the courthouse.”

From left: Turquoise Haskin, Charles Small, Natoya McGhie, Ronald Cosme, Xavier Carr, Phil Grant, and Donald Zolin. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
Krystal Roberts (left), Sharon Adler, and Hon. Craig Walker. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
From left: Daniel Antonelli, Samantha Sbrocchi, Natasha Delille, Natoya McGhie, and Raymi Ramseur-Usher. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
The Brooklyn Bar Association invited all of the borough’s court attorneys to a special reception on Wednesday night. Pictured from left: Hon. Genine Edwards, Pamela Walker, Doris Bergmann, judge-elect Pamela Patton Fynes, and Linda Wilson.
Eagle photos by Robert Abruzzese
From left: Micheleen Karnacewicz, Irena Golodkeyer, and Hon. Richard Montelione. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
Margherita Racanelli (left) and Janice Purvis. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
From left: LaFleur David, Kristin Moriarty, Ann Walker. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
From left: Maria Hatzipetros, Christine Ortiz, judge-elect Devin Robinson, and Yevgeniy Katz. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
Pictured from left: Paul Nuccio, Dean Delianites, and Chief Clerk Charles Small. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese

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