Bay Ridge

Dramatic burglary increases prompt Malliotakis blast of NY bail laws

Cites Daily News cover calling out Bay Ridge as "wild, wild, west"

October 19, 2022 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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BAY RIDGE — U.S. Rep Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11th District) had some angry words about NY bail laws, following yet another commercial burglary that occurred one block from her office at Lulianos Pizzeria early on a recent morning.

“This week, the New York Daily News ran a cover story comparing Bay Ridge to the ‘Wild, Wild West’,” said Malliotakis, “With burglaries up 21 percent in Brooklyn South compared to last year, along with a 46 percent increase in robberies and grand larcenies.”

“Three weeks ago,” she added. “I held a press conference calling on Governor Hochul and the State Legislature to fix the bail law and stop releasing repeat offenders and parolees back on our streets after six Bay Ridge businesses were broken into. This morning, a small business located one block from my office was targeted by a perp whom police tell us is a parolee with a criminal history.”

In a prepared statement, the Congresswoman asked, “How much more does our community and city have to endure before the governor and our legislative leaders take action? We’re seeing hardworking, taxpaying citizens become crime victims every single day and their businesses are under attack. It’s well past time for our state leaders to take the issue of public safety seriously and repeal the disastrous policies that are the cause of skyrocketing crime. New Yorkers, their property, and businesses deserve to be safe.”

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Under New York’s bail law, only armed burglars or those who injure a victim are eligible for bail while most larceny suspects are released without bail. This year, according to Malliotakis, Bay Ridge’s 68th Precinct has seen a 26% spike in major crimes, including sex crimes and rape, murder, grand larceny, auto theft, felony assault, and robbery. Citywide, roughly one in five perps arrested last year for burglary or theft was re-arrested on a felony charge within 60 days of their release.

Malliotakis has introduced legislation in Congress that would hold states with lax bail laws accountable and require that bail laws provide judges with discretion to set bail if the accused is considered a danger to society. She’s also introduced legislation to create transparency by letting the public know how many cases prosecutors are declining to prosecute, the number of offenses committed by career criminals, and the number of criminals re- leased.

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