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Malliotakis unites local biz in crisis over burglary surge bail law reversals

‘Even if arrested, perps are out before police paperwork is done’

October 4, 2022 Jaime DeJesus
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Following a string of burglaries at Bay Ridge restaurants, U.S. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis joined local business owners and concerned residents to discuss the rise in criminal activity in the area on Monday, Sept. 26.

During the conference, held outside Louie’s Gyros, 7720 Third Ave. in Bay Ridge, Malliotakis called on Gov. Kathy Hochul and state legislature to reverse the state’s bail reform.

“We want our city, state and federal leaders to take action to address public safety that is crippling our community, reducing the quality of life and causing small businesses to close and New Yorkers to flee for safer places,” she said. “Enough is enough. How many times do we have to read in the newspaper about crime occurring in our community?”

She listed the six burglaries that took place two nights, a week apart in Bay Ridge where two suspects are wanted for breaking into six different businesses and stealing a combined $28,000.

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The thieves first struck on Aug. 30.
• At 1 a.m., a man stole $12,500 from the cash register in Lobo Loco on Third Avenue and 85th Street.
• At 1:34 a.m., two men stole $4,100 from Cebu on Third Avenue and 88th Street.
• At 3 a.m., two men broke the glass front door of El Malecon Diner on Fourth Avenue and 87th Street and stole $5,395 in cash and $300 in jewelry.
The crooks had another busy night Sept. 5.
• At midnight, a man stole $800 from Positano on Fourth Avenue and 101st Street.
• At 12:37 a.m., a man stole $1,100 from Beets and Carrots on Third Avenue and 99th Street.
• At 2:50 a.m., three men stole $3,730 from Fantastic Bagels on Fourth Avenue and 86th Street.

“I can almost guarantee you it was repeat offenders but thanks to the disastrous bail law Albany refuses to fix,” she said. “We’re seeing hardworking, tax-paying citizens being taken advantage of and their businesses are under attack. It’s well past time for our state leadership to take the issue of public safety accountable and rising crime seriously.”
She also mentioned a bank robbery on Wednesday, Sept. 24, at Apple Bank, 7415 Fifth Ave. where a crook fled with cash.
According to the New York Post the 68th Precinct has seen a 26 percent spike in major crimes compared to a year ago. Murder went from zero to two, grand larceny is up 46 percent, auto theft increased 44 percent, felony assault at seven percent, and robbery at three percent.
Business owners were on hand to discuss their frustrations with the recent crimes.

Joe Mancino, from Peppino’s in Bay Ridge said his restaurant was burglarized a year ago.
“The worst thing is the safety part and how we feel as Bay Ridge residents and New Yorkers,” he told this paper. “We don’t feel as safe as we did and that’s not fair. My business has been affected because people don’t come to the area like they were coming.”

“Being a new business in the area, it concerns me a lot with what’s going on with the robberies and break-ins,” added Louie Lykourezos, owner of Louie’s Gyros, who was forced to add security measures to his eatery. “It costs a lot of money, for damages, for the places that are going through it, and nothing is happening to the criminals. They’re out before the officers finish the paperwork.”
Dr. Habib Joudeh from 5th Avenue Pharmacy said that he fears for business owners’ lives.

“They walk in with guns or with knives, we have to stand up for our businesses,” he said. “Our government and representatives should make reforms so we can walk the streets with no fear. New Yorkers should come first.”
Malliotakis also announced she recently introduced a bill on the federal level that would require that states give judges discretion to be able to set bail.

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