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Brooklyn Bird Watch: July 25

Double Crested Cormorant. Scientific Name: Nannopterum auritum

July 25, 2022 By Joseph Palmer
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Today, Brooklyn Bird Watch features a Heather Wolf close-up of the Double Crested Cormorant seen in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Earlier this year (April 18, 2022) Brooklyn Bird Watch posted a Wolf photo of this bird taken from further away, but in this new photo one can really see those amazing aquamarine eyes that “sparkle like jewels.”  Also in the close up one can see how incredibly soaked their plumage gets after they dive for fish. As we noted in the original post, Cornell Lab pointed out that the Double Crested Cormorant doesn’t have as much preening oil in their feathers as other birds, “so instead of shedding water like a duck, their wing feathers get soaked during a dive.”

If you are inclined to refresh your memory, you can read more from the original Double Crested Cormorant post by clicking this link.

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