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Brooklyn Bird Watch: July 18

Cedar Waxwing. Scientific Name: Bombycilia cedrorum

July 18, 2022 By Joseph Palmer
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Today, Brooklyn Bird Watch features another Heather Wolf photo of the Cedar Waxwing seen in Brooklyn Bridge Park. It is no surprise that this is the second sighting this year of a Cedar Waxwing in BBP.  Brooklyn Bird Watch featured this beautiful bird back in February of this year, although a holly leaf happened to block the view of some plumage highlights, in this new photo one has a really good view of the bright red wax tips on the wings, the yellow tipped tail, and the pirate’s mask.

I was not surprised to also discover that Cedar Waxwings have a lot of poetry written about them. One elegant impression from the poet Robert Francis, is as casual and playful as it is deeply spiritual.

“Four Tao philosophers as cedar waxwings
chat on a February berry bush
in sun, and I am one…

Above an elegance of snow, beneath
a silk-blue sky a brotherhood of four

News for those who live, work and play in Brooklyn and beyond

… for this I have abandoned
all my other lives.”


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