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Brooklyn lawyer gains fame on Jeopardy!, for her facial expressions as well as intellectual prowess

June 6, 2021 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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People are still talking about a Brooklyn attorney who recently won a $16,450 on Jeopardy! — not only for her intellectual skills, but for her endearing grimaces and facial expressions.

Julia Markham Cameron, a mass torts and product liability associate at Dechert LLP, became a social media star after her appearance on the famed game show, which on Thursday was hosted by Mayim Bialik of “The Big Gang Theory.”  She was especially adept at history-related questions.

While she responded to questions or considered answers, she couldn’t stop making faces, which many onlookers found hilarious.

As the New York Post said, “Fans loved her; geek girls wanted to be her.”

Her fame was best seen on Twitter.

“Tony Isabella, Creator of Black Lighting” posted, “Every so often, a contestant comes along who makes the popular game even better. Enter quirky Brooklyn New York lawyer Julia Markham Cameron, whose reactions to answers right and wrong were delightful to behold.”

“Superb Speakers” posted, “So cool to see a nerd girl trending today.”

“Joey Putin (Vlad’s Democratic Brother)” said, “Say what you want, Ms. Cameron was very smart and won Jeopardy last night.”

“JeopardyBlindGuesser” said, “If Julia Markham Cameron is on twitter we want to be her friend, she made tonight’s episode so fun to watch (not a spoiler again, she is just a happy person who enjoyed being on Jeopardy).”

Robert Paul Reyes, who posts on Twitter and also writes opinion columns for his own website, said, “Contestant Julia Markham Cameron stole the spotlight due to her animated reactions to not just the questions, but her own answers.” He went on to say that “I, along with millions of other viewers, geeked out” on her facial expressions.

On Linkedin, Cameron didn’t post anything about her Jeopardy win, although she did congratulate herself on another occasion for being named by her firm as a “diversity champion.”

Cameron graduated from the UCLA Law School, and afterward worked for a short time for the California Attorney General’s Office. She has a BA from Scripps College, also in California.

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