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EDNY warns of fraudulent advance-fee websites that use judges’ credentials

August 12, 2020 Rob Abruzzese
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The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District issued a warning on Monday to attorneys, litigants and defendants to avoid fraudulent websites that use “advance-fee” scams using EDNY addresses and judicial credentials to appear legitimate.

The warning came after the EDNY received inquiries about fraudulent documents issued by fake websites and agencies that have used names such as the “Department of Interagency Protection Bureau” or the “Investments and Securities Recovery Council” and the “Security Fraud Detection Authority.”

These fraudulent sites and organizations scam victims by using forged documents in an effort to look official and ask for advanced fees. The EDNY warns people not to send any money to these people, to avoid even responding to them, and to be wary of forged emails as well.

“The scheme has been referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” said a press release issued by the EDNY. “If you receive a document from these scammers, do not send them money and do not entertain their scheme. Report any such activity to the FBI through their Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3.GOV).”

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According to authorities, the fraudulent websites have refused to comply with takedown requests, don’t answer inquiries and are in violation of ICANN contract obligations. The EDNY never asks for advance fees to be paid.

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