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Frank Carone holds his final meeting as president of the Brooklyn Bar Association

Christina Golkin added as a Bar Association officer

May 29, 2020 Rob Abruzzese
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The Brooklyn Bar Association held its annual meeting online on Wednesday, in which it recognized its outgoing trustees and announced the newly elected trustees and officers. It was also the last event the Bar hosted under President Frank Carone.

“This is my last official act as president,” Carone said. “I know every past president is sentimental that it goes by in the blink of an eye. It certainly has been a tremendous experience. Although it’s my last official act, all of you are such close friends that we’ll be communicating and conquering new worlds together in the future.

“It’s a little melancholy for me,” Carone admitted. “I’m taking solace in the relationships that have been built, particularly with the executive board. We’ve started a protocol where we worked really close together. We had conference calls, and emails where we were very friendly even as we debated and discussed issues with the focus on what’s best for the Bar Association.”

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Despite taking place virtually, the meeting was well attended by more than 50 members, plus numerous judges, including Hon. Ellen Spodek, acting administrative judge of the Supreme Court, Civil Term; Hon. Robin Garson, Hon. Joanne Quinones, Hon. Lillian Wan, Hon. Matthew Sciarrino, Hon. Miriam Cyrulnik, Hon. Richard Montelione, Hon. Jeffrey Sunshine, Hon. Wavny Toussaint, Hon. Barry Kamins, Hon. Debra Silber, Hon. Esther Morgenstern, and Hon. Fidel Del Valle, chief judge and commissioner of the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings.

Hon. Nancy Sunshine, county clerk, clerk of the Supreme Court and commissioner of jurors; Angelicque Moreno, president of the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers; Joseph Rosato, president of the Nathan R. Sobel American Inns of Court; and Domenick Napoletano, treasurer of the NYS Bar Association, also sat in on the meeting.

“It’s great to see everyone’s face,” said Carone. “Everyone looks rested and vibrant. I can’t wait to see you all again in person, but it is good to see your faces on here.”

Carone welcomed Anthony Lamberti as the Association’s next president. The other officers were announced including Armena Gayle as president-elect, Richard Klass as first vice president, Joseph Rosato as second vice president, and Anthony Vaughn as secretary.

Christina Golkin will join the executive board as treasurer. Golkin has been an active member of the Bar Association, hosting events and continuing legal education seminars as the chair of the LGBTQ Committee.

Christina Golkin will join the Brooklyn Bar Association executive board as the treasurer in June. Photo: Rob Abruzzese/Brooklyn Eagle

“We thank you, we welcome you and we know that the association is in great hands under your leadership,” Carone said of the new officers. “I look forward to doing whatever I can as past president.”

Five retiring trustees were recognized — Marianne Bertuna, Stefano Filippazzo, Steven Harkavy, Jeffrey Miller, and Hemalee Patel. Carone said that the Association looks forward to properly honoring them once in-person meetings are allowed again.

The trustees of the class of 2023 were announced including Imran Ansari, Grace Borrino, Andrea Caruso, Jason Friedman, Dewey Golkin, Daniel Miller, and Joy Thompson, who will soon be installed as the president of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York.

Hon. Lawrence Knipel was absent from the event. The administrative judge of the Supreme Court, Civil Term has been on a leave of absence since he became sick from the COVID-19 virus in April. He is said to be recovering nicely, but in his absence, Carone asked Justice Spodek, who is filling in for Justice Knipel in an interim capacity, to say a few words.

“I wish I had definite news to tell you, but everything is in flux,” said Justice Spodek. “If what has gone on in the rest of the state is an indication, we’re going to be getting notice that you’re coming back to the courthouse within 24 to 48 hours.”

Justice Spodek said that the only way for the local courts to experience a smooth reopening is to work closely with the bar associations. She then announced that sometime in the next week she would be meeting with bar leaders to go over plans.

Justice Sunshine then thanked Justice Spodek for the work she has done filling in during an emergency.

“Judge Spodek has really done an amazing job,” Justice Sunshine said. “I’ve been in on statewide meetings with her, and she really jumped in under difficult circumstances and under very short notice. She stayed on to assist Larry [Knipel], who is doing well. I have a newfound admiration for Ellen Spodek.”

The meeting was wrapped up by President-elect Lamberti, who said that he looks forward to hosting in-person events again and suggested that the Association will host a Judge’s Night event as soon as it is safe to do so.

“We’re having the board meeting on June 24 and the virtual induction the same day,” Lamberti said. “You’ll have to have your own virtual meal after the induction.”

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