Opinions & observations: The False Positive?

April 30, 2020 Editorial Staff
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Today started out as any other. My view of the Belt Parkway showed the now usual light traffic I had eerily become accustomed to and the cloudy day that seem to have outnumbered the sunny days.  Another quarantined day, for myself the quarantine would likely begin in the afternoon, after my daily pickup and delivery.

As the day wore on, the temperature rose, my own jacket came off, and even my sweater eventually became too much, and the crowds agreed. Wait, the crowds? Yes, for nearly eight or so weeks I have been out and about, often times in lousy weather, able to have my parking spot of choice, and occasionally hear my own echo. Social distancing, not a problem, I selected my stops carefully. 

But today, I saw change, it may only be the crave of Vitamin D, concrete and grass under our feet, not wood and carpet, social distancing from family. The risk versus reward was obviously not a factor for those who wanted co2 and care little for its particulates. Masks were mostly on, gloves as well. Where they’ll end up once they’re off, I’ll see tomorrow, bright and early, I’m betting on the human race to dispose nearly and carefully. 

As for businesses, well, decisions are being made individually. More places are “open” for business little by little each passing day. By open I absolutely mean that all rules are in place, social distancing, only minimal if any allowed inside, and zero table service of any sort. I felt it was the first day of training camp to borrow the sports term. Spring was in the air. The crowds were buzzing, teams were believing this was the beginning of a breakthrough to a better future that was long and painfully overdue.

Now the cold water, and it is written with no absolutes, no desire, nor wish to be pessimistic, in fact the results include me. None of will ever know what today did or didn’t do to effect us overall, but we are so far from normal, we cannot just treat tomorrow like today. There was one too many still sick, treating the sick, and in need to aid the next one to grimly arrive. 

This recap unfolded as the largest spontaneous development I’ve seen that I can remember in nearly two decades. The sun came out, spring fever was the only fever we wanted to think about, and soon many will go home tired from a workout and not the boredom of a work-in.

I wish all of us perfect health. Businesses to prosper, cures to be discovered and then rapidly be dispersed properly. Until then, the question remains in the back of my mind. Was today a false positive?It was one, and it is done. Remain vigilant, take every precaution for yourself and all others, and let us all see the absolute positives become the normal once again. 

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