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MILESTONES: April 29 birthdays for Jerry Seinfeld, Willie Nelson, Uma Thurman

April 29, 2020 Brooklyn Eagle History

NOTABLE PEOPLE BORN ON THIS DAY include country music legend Willie Nelson, who was born in 1933; Baseball Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio, who was born in 1934; conductor and Kennedy Center honoree Zubin Mehta, who was born in 1936; Oak Ridge Boys member Duane Allen, who was born in 1943; The Shondells founder Tommy James, who was born in 1947; World Golf Hall of Famer Johnny Miller, who was born in 1947; comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld, who was born in Brooklyn in 1954; “Star Trek: Voyager” star Kate Mulgrew, who was born in 1955; Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis, who was born in 1957; “The Witches of Eastwick” star Michelle Pfeiffer, who was born in 1958; “The Brady Bunch” star Eve Plumb, who was born in 1958; Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen, who was born in Queens in 1958; and “Kill Bill” star Uma Thurman, who was born in 1970.


A LIVING HELL: Dachau was liberated on this day in 1945. The first concentration camp to be opened in Nazi Germany (1933), it housed more than 200,000 prisoners throughout the course of World War II. An estimated 35,000 people died there and more than 32,000 were liberated when the Americans arrived.

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HIPPIE HIGH POINT: “Hair” opened on Broadway on this day in 1968. The controversial rock musical, which debuted off-Broadway six months earlier, was a defining piece of work for those who opposed the Vietnam War and the “Establishment.” Memorable songs include “Aquarius” and “Let the Sunshine In.” A film version directed by Milos Forman was released in 1979.


Special thanks to “Chase’s Calendar of Events” and Brooklyn Public Library.





“Gray skies are just clouds passing over.”

— composer Duke Ellington, who was born on this day in 1899

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